Nicaragua’s Sandinista gov’t offers condolences to Boston

Nicaragua’s Sandinista government today expressed its “profound condolences” to the people of Boston and others from around the world who participated in Monday’s Boston Marathon, which was targeted by a terrorist attack that killed three and injured more than 140.

Rosario Murillo

Sandinista spokeswoman Rosario Murillo  (GRAPHOS / Producciones)

“In the name of the President of the Republic and the people of Nicaragua and this government that serves the people, we want to express our profound condolences to the families of Boston, United States, and the families of other states whose members participated in this famous Boston Marathon that they do every year,” Sandinista government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo told her family’s media outlets.

Murillo said the Nicaragua “profoundly rejects these acts of terrorism.”

“In these moments of mourning, we pray for all Bostonians to unite and not be defeated by evil, but to fight evil with good, joining forces to build a society that is more just, free and secure for future generations,” Murillo said.

“We send our love and our affection to the people of North America and the government of the United States; we send our love and our affection to all the families that suffer and, at the same time, we reject these acts that represent pain, mourning and senseless tragedy for dozens, thousands, hundreds of people in the United States and everywhere else in the world,” Murillo said.

According to the race registry, there was only one Nicaraguan national who ran in and finished the Boston Marathon this year before the bombs detonated near the finish line.


  • S. Jordan