New footbridge keeps rural community connected

Joined by the community of El Dorado, the Estelí Rotary Club and the non-governmental organization Bridges to Prosperity, U.S. Ambassador Phyllis Powers last weekend helped inaugurate the newly constructed El Dorado pedestrian bridge spanning Estelí’s Río La Sirena.

“Bridges to Prosperity has done something important for this community and in the communities of the other 21 bridges in Nicaragua; and they are doing this all over the world,” Ambassador Powers said at the inauguration. “This bridge shows the will of citizens, such as all of us here, to give something of yourselves to help one another.”

More than 1,000 residents can now use the footbridge, which is located in a rural area 10 kilometers outside Estelí. Most of the community lives in the town of Jicaro but farms the fields on the other side of La Sirena river, which rises quickly during the rainy season, making crossing dangerous and preventing farmers from tending to their fields, resulting in lost crops and income.

Bridges to Prosperity has built 21 bridges in Nicaragua and more than 100 bridges in 15 other countries.

In rural communities where walking is the most common form of transportation, pedestrian footbridges often mean the difference between being able to reach the doctor, school or work. Learn more the NGOs work on their website.



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    damn yankees and their imperialistic bridge building…