Flooding affects thousands in Prinzapolka

Boy stands under his umbrella outside his home in Prinzapolka (photo/ Tim Rogers)

More than 18,000 people in 34 rural communities along the Prinzapolka, Pía and Bambana rivers are suffering from serious flooding after a series of tropical storms have pushed through the central Caribbean region of the country, Mayor Ekland James Molina told El Nuevo Diario.

The local political leader says the flooding has brought illness and massive crop loss for rice and corn harvests. The government, he says, has been slow to respond to the disaster.

“We need help from government institutions and organizations to respond to the people,” the mayor told El Nuevo Diario. “Medical attention has been almost nonexistent; none of the communities along the Bambana River have received any medical attention, despite the outbreaks of illness.”

The waters won’t be receding anytime soon. According to state meteorologists, Prinzapolka is due to get hit with two more tropical waves this weekend, which will dump even more rain on the flooded region.


  • Jim

    No response or help from the government ….

  • car

    why would there be? these folks do not support whortega or his party. what’s in it for him?

  • Cecilia

    They will never go to Managua to “support” Ortega with their CPCs and JS tshirts, so why they should respond?

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