Sandinista congresswoman sacked without explanation

(posted June 25, 10:00 a.m.)- Without explanation and with dubious legality, Sandinista congresswoman Xochilt Ocampo yesterday was removed from her elected post as a national lawmaker by the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE).

Xochilt Ocampo (photo/ National Assembly)

No legal explanation has been given as to why the lawmaker was removed from her post. The Sandinistas are remaining silent. Ocampo is also not explaining why she was sacked. “I love my country, God and the Sandinista Front,” she told local media as she cleaned out her office.

Ocampo is rumored to have been fired for not voting in favor of the Sandinistas’ Great Canal concession to Chinese businessman Wang Jing. The opposition claims Ocampo’s quick and unexplained removal from National Assembly is a violation of the law.

Ocampo will be remembered fondly by Nicaraguan bus drivers for introducing a bill to declare July 10 a national day to honor responsible drivers.

She will be replaced by substitute lawmaker Johana Luna.


  • Alvan Dazbohrk

    Let’s not forget that this is still a banana republic with the typical Latin american dictator who knows no boundaries. This lawmaker removal is a clear example of how the ruling party handles those who don’t follow orders.