Nicaragua condemns ‘criminal act’ against Morales

(posted July 2, 7:20 p.m.)- Nicaragua’s Sandinista government is energetically condemning what it calls the “criminal actions” of France and Portugal, which on Tuesday denied Bolivian President Evo Morales from entering their national airspace, forcing the South American leader to change course and make an unscheduled landing in Austria.

Morales’ plane, which departed Moscow en route to Bolivia, was forced to land unexpectedly in Austria after France and Portugal denied his presidential plane the right to enter their airspace amid rumors that it was smuggling former U.S. security contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, who is seeking political asylum wherever he can find it. Bolivian officials later denied the rumors as “unfounded” and demanded an explanation from the governments of France and Portugal.

Evo Morales arrives in Russia earlier this week (photo/ presidencia de Bolivia)

In media statements, Bolivia’s Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said he didn’t know how the smuggling rumors started and accused France and Portugal of violating international law by rescinding the right to air traffic for an official flight plan that had been previously approved before takeoff. Bolivia’s defense minister later told CNN en Español that he believes the smuggling rumors were started by the U.S. government.

In Nicaragua, first lady Rosario Murillo interrupted the broadcast of her family’s media outlets to condemn the “criminal attempt” against Morales, arguing that the move “put at risk the life of the Bolivian president.”

Murillo blamed the event on prevailing European attitudes of “neocolonial and imperial arrogance.” She called actions against Morales, one of Nicaragua’s political allies in the ALBA bloc of nations, “intolerable.” Murillo called on all of Latin America and the Caribbean to unite in condemnation.

“Never before have we seen this. Never before. And hopefully never again,” Murillo said.

At press time, Morales was still in Austria trying to figure out another flight plan to return to Bolivia.

  • Pedro Arauz

    No hay que olvidar que todos los del Alba desde Chavez a Evo Morales solo ellos se creen su cuento.

    Para el resto del mundo no son mas que un bando de indios trompudos apestosos que solo mierdas hablan.

    Que agradezca que no se lo pepenaron con un roketazo que le harian un favor a la humanidad.

    • Fredy Sandoval

      Espero que estas palabras hagan resonancia en tu mente y que tu conciencia, si es que tienes, te reclame tus expresiones.

      Te pregunto, porque existes imbécil! si te es tan fácil expresar tu ignorante mentalidad en publico quiere decir que con la misma estrechez mental te conduces con tus padres esposas e hijos…tus comentarios no dejan de dar tristeza, no pasas de ser un pobre idiota digno de lastima, formas parte integra de la escoria social mas despreciable que pueda existir. Tragate estas palabras que sin duda, servirán de alimento a tu espíritu.

  • amordeliteraturadeNicaragua

    As usual this incident represents the racial prejudice of the Northern Wind of White Manifest Destiny in the name of progress and religion.

    Anyone who is not a White Anglo Saxon Protestant is a savage who needs to be saved and transformed into an exact replica of those Europeans who colonized the world in the name of Glory, God, and Gold.

  • Erik Nelson

    Take a Valium, everyone.

  • Randy Higgins

    The facts that are emerging suggest that it was not a white imperialistic plot but an instrument malfunction that caused the landing. There is an actual recording from the Vienna airport tower that has the pilot of the plane asking for an emergency landing because there was a malfunction in the fuel indicator on his instrument panel. All the countries in Europe have said that the plane had clearance for their airspace at take off and there were no changes while in route. The President of Bolivia was accorded the welcome of a Head of State which included a visit by the President of Austria. To quote my ninth grade science instructor, “Never Assume”

    • http://no Damian

      The facts are quite different in case you really care and there is lots of disinformation. Europe did abuse and did not respect international law. It’s a not a white VS black issue but rather power, capital and force. In this case, the USA because of the Snowden case are forcing other nations to behave in a way that is going against international treaty.

      Let’s not forget who has been spying on who. The USA has a lot of explaining to do. I see lots of double standards being applied by the USA and Europe at the moment.

  • Piuta

    It is their air space dammit, or they have to let you fly over a huevos.
    Stop sweating Evo’s fever, and get over it.
    This has nothing to do with race.

  • amordeliteraturadeNicaragua

    America thinks it owns the entire world because of “Manifest Destiny” and it is God’s will to be that way,The great Calvanistic duty blancos to take care of the prietos and negros. Just look what they did to the Native Americans! It was 100 times worse than the holocaust.

  • Pedro


  • eloneamigo

    @ Damian: There is audio and a flight plan of Morales’ pilot requesting permission to land because of a malfunction. No evil empire plot, Morales sought an opportunity to create a situation and be seen as a victim.