Nicaragua Dispatch signs off

Dear Gentle Reader,

It is with mixed emotions and a slightly muddled mind that I bring to you the final edition of The Nicaragua Dispatch.

I, your humble editor, reporter, photographer, and Internet innkeeper, have been offered a journalism fellowship in the United States. I am taking leave after nine unutterably wonderful, infinitely maddening, and deeply rewarding years in Nicaragua—the last two of which were spent in the dizzying and relentless embrace of The Nicaragua Dispatch.

The Nicaragua Dispatch prided itself on being fiercely independent. We had a healthy irreverence for power, an intolerance for injustice, a thirst for the truth, a suspicion of authority, a passion for wordplay, a penchant for long sentences, and unflappable fondness for Nicaragua. We admittedly got carried away from time to time, but that goes with the territory around here.

The Nicaragua Dispatch was launched in 2011 with the intention of being a “community publication for a digitalized, global era.”  We wanted this to be a big-tent exercise in democracy—one that encouraged all readers to participate and contribute articles, proposals, ideas and criticisms. As we said in our first editorial, published on Oct. 16, 2011, “We want The Nicaragua Dispatch to be as diverse, engaging and quirky as Nicaragua itself.”

Launching an English-language news site in an unproven, small-market country like Nicaragua, where less than 10% of the population is online and the government obstructs independent journalism, was perhaps a quixotic endeavor. But in the land of windmills, sometimes a frontal charge is the best strategy.   

You, dear reader, responded to our efforts. In the first year of publication, our readership grew steadily every month. Last June was Nicaragua Dispatch’s most-trafficked month to date.

Alas and alack, we were far more successful as a journalism project than as a business. Though we experimented with several different revenue streams—Sponsorship, media partnerships, reader donations and traditional advertising—we were never able to lift our head high enough out of the water to figure out which way was land.

One of the goals of my fellowship year will be to huddle with minds far wiser than my own to see if there’s a better way to finance online media, with the aim of relaunching Nicaragua Dispatch in the future. You, gentle reader, have proven that there is still a need and thirst for independent journalism, even if the economy doesn’t recognize that yet. We still believe in the inherent value of reliable news coverage and the cohesive and necessary role that a newspaper can play in the community—even when that community exists online. Someday the economics of journalism will catch up to the needs of society. Democracy depends on it. 

In parting, I want to thank everyone who made this project possible. Thank you to Cesar Zamora and Arturo Cruz; you two were there in the delivery room the day Nicaragua Dispatch was born, and your encouragement, support, guidance and friendship have been invaluable to its success.  Thank you to our loyal and brave advertisers, especially AEI, Milagros del Mar, Montecristo, Garden Café, Grupo Pellas, AMCHAM , and Seaside Mariana. You and dozens of other local companies that advertised with us supplied a financial lifeline, without which we would have drowned long ago. You supported our webpage and freedom of expression in Nicaragua, even when you disagreed  with the articles that we published. That is a true testament to your character.

Thank you to Carlos Fernando Chamorro and his dedicated team of journalists at Confidencial. Your support for and endorsement of Nicaragua Dispatch was an honor and a privilege.

Thank you to our sales director, Vanessa Marenco, whose years of loyalty, dedication, honesty and resilience in a difficult market are deeply appreciated and admired. And thanks to our interns, Eleanor Klibanoff and Claire Luke, for providing solid reporting, fresh perspectives and youthful energy to the site.

Hugs and kisses to my wonderful wife Cecilia, for tolerating my two-year affair with The Nicaragua Dispatch and for supporting me fully in this addlebrained and intrusive romantic fling. The Nicaragua Dispatch proved to be a fickle mistress who kept me up late at night, interrupted many of our meals together, and forced us to temporarily live in different time zones. But not only did you allow me to chase my dream, you helped me stay out of trouble on numerous occasions with your wise proofreading and gentle nudges when I got carried away on editorials and articles, which was often.

Thank you to The Bajopata, for your friendly company and compassion. You are missed.

And thank you to my gentle readers and courageous contributors, who embraced Nicaragua Dispatch from the beginning and made it a worthwhile endeavor. Without your daily visits to our website, your frequent contributions of blogs and community stories, and your incessant posting of comments (both thoughtful and unintelligible), The Nicaragua Dispatch would have been a completely boring and meaningless project. Without readers, I would have been just another crazy person muttering to himself about politics, which is probably how I’ll end up anyway, but thanks for postponing my descent into madness.

My intention is that this is more of an “hasta luego” than an “adios, pueeee.” In the meantime, The Nicaragua Dispatch website, with its more than 1,200 articles published, will remain online as a free reference source on Nicaragua and a chronology of the events during the past two years.

So until we meet again, thank you for reading and supporting The Nicaragua Dispatch.

Tim Rogers


  • George

    No, no a thousand times NO! I followed you when you were reporting for the Tico Times and then was thrilled when you created the Dispatch. Excellent and important work. You have been an important independent voice. You will be missed. thank-you Tim

  • Xochitl

    Hasta luego Nicaragua Dispatch. Gracias por haberme mantenido informada y entretenida.

  • Mary Helen

    Tell me it aint so! Tim, you will be missed… solamente un hasta luego.

  • Linda

    OH Tim, After my first visit to Nicaragua I was so happy to find your independent news site. I have family in Masaya and thanks to you I was providing information to them! All the best to you sir.

  • Roan

    I wish you the best Tim, the fellowship is a great opportunity but your journalistic efforts in Nicaragua will be missed in your hiatus from ND for I deemed it one of the most objective and professional of all news sources in the country on any language. Saludos y hasta luego!

  • PRONicaragua

    Tim, you will be missed! Please continue to spread the word on Nicaragua in this and every position you’re in. You have the great power of informing and we are ready for the world to hear more of us! Take care & keep in touch.

  • Jim

    Best of luck with the fellowship (Harvard, no less), that is very cool. And yes, do figure out how to make such a worthy enterprise as The Dispatch a viable business entity. It is needed and you will be missed. Hopefully, we will all live long enough to hear Rosario “gush” again.

  • Emily

    Thank you for your two years of fantastic journalism. As someone who lived in Nicaragua many years and now lives in the US I was always interested in reading about your perspective on the events in Nicaragua. Thank you for your dedication, I hope to see the Dispatch back online in the future.

  • Laura

    I remember meeting you years back at Villa Isabella…. you’ve come a long way since then… We wish you the best in all of your endeavors!!! Congrats… this is well deserved!!!

  • Bob Stemm

    It is hard to sufficiently express how sad it is for me to see your magnificent publication come to an end. I looked forward every day to read your excellent articles about this wonderful country. Mixed in with my sadness, though, is my emotion of happiness as you travel down a different road… I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. Thank you!

  • Zuns

    As a local, I found myself turning to you instead of our main newspapers most of the time. You did well and hopefully next time the effort will pay itself. ¡Éxitos!

  • Kelvin

    Great opportunity. Congratulations Tim.

  • Lucy

    Very happy for you, but extremely sad the ND is coming to an end. Tim, you created a much needed independent news outlet in English, which made it have a far more international outreach. Your absense will no doubt be huge loss for Nicaragua. Such few critical independent journalists and media outlets are left in this tiny banana republic, aside from La Prensa & El Confidencial and you, we have nothing left.
    I truly enjoyed reading your articles as a Nicaragua native and I know that pretty much every expat living in Nica or having some connection to Nica religiously read the Nicaragua Dispatch and relayed on it for their daily news.
    Muchos éxitos on your new adventure!

  • Claudia

    You will be missed… Nicaragua is losing a great contributor to reason, logic and balance…

  • JW Gooding

    You have a following Dear Sir. Please do let us know where we can follow your words, as they are almost always “Close to home” in my thoughts…

    God Speed to you my often unknown to even you, my mentor, on the other side of this screen.

  • Thor

    Tim, I am especially saddened to see your publication come to an end. I wish you nothing but the best for you and yours in the future, yet must say that I selfishly wish it wasn’t so. I ‘migrated’ from California to Nicaragua just 8 months ago and recently discovered your site. I will miss the connection to some ‘real’ journalism. Had I known I could contribute to keeping your head above water (as it were) i would ave gladly helped/subscribed. That said, do you endorse any other progressive-minded publication that I could track/read (English or otherwise) ? Best of luck to you, and thanks for giving what you gave….

  • Mayela

    Buen viaje Tim.

  • Rolando

    This is the worst news EVER to be published in this periodical. So sorry to see it come to an end. Good luck.

  • GringoLoco



    Did you hear that?

    Why, I think it’s the delighted laughter of La Chamuca in El Carmen!

    Suerte, amigo…

  • LRM357

    Tim, thanks for bringing Nica dispatch to life and best of luck in your next venture. Keep us Nicas in mind and remember that we have a “Great Canal, Satellite, Oil refinery, power plant, hydro-electric dam project in development under our “president for life”; DannyO.
    Like to think of myself as positive and optimistic, but I bet none of these projects will come into fruition in the next 10 to 20 yrs.
    Come back when you miss us.

  • James Dyde

    Extremely sorry to read this news but wish you the best of luck. Hope you make it back down soon to relaunch!

  • Lucha Libro

    A huge loss for the media in Nicaragua and of course for your many loyal readers, of which I am very proud to have been one. The incredible job you’ve done can’t be overstated and I expect this is a hole that will not be filled in the near future.

    Congratulations on the fellowship. I hope there’s a book in your future, and if it truly is hasta luego, there will be many looking forward to your triumphant return. We’re lucky to have had the Dispatch while it lasted. Truly great work, Tim. Thank you and good luck.

  • Sean Duffy

    Thank you, Tim — I will miss your sometimes-florid prose, and your always-insightful political reporting. I, too, started reading your work with Tico Times, and have appreciated Nicaragua Dispatch updates – almost daily, particularly when I am away from Nicaragua. Best of luck in your fellowship year. I hope to see your work in the future!

  • John

    Thank you and good luck, Tim. Your posts will be sorely missed.

  • Dennis McCormick

    Thank you, Tim, for making Nicaragua part of my life. Sad to say goodbye to the Dispatch, but we know we will be reading you in the future.

  • Bill Wiley

    Que lastima! Since 1970 Nicaragua has been an addiction for me and over the past year The Dispatch has most pleasantly and conveniently helped sustain the “habit”. Buena Suerte.

  • Cordobanica

    Congratulations! for going to Harvard. Nobody would explains better than you, what is really happening in Nicaragua. Tell to the gringos the true about our country. Thanks, we will miss you, but you will miss your “gallopinto.” BUENA SUERTE TIM!

  • Juan Barrios

    Best of luck.

  • Steven

    This site has been a source of reliable Nicaragua news and information. A daily ritual for many of us.

  • Brian

    I can’t believe it, Tim. I feel as though my most trusted confidant, advisor and rabbi is going away. Words cannot convey either the depth of my sadness or the pride swelling in my chest for this terrible and terrific news. You are a remarkable journalist as well as a brave and honest man. Good luck and congratulions. I am sure you will make us all even prouder in your new endeavor. You deserve this honor and more. I truly hope you come back and take up your sword at a later date. For now I do not know what I will do without you here. Just one question: how may me follow your new work? I would love to follow your work wherever you may go. Mazel tov!

  • Calley

    To my beloved editor and dear leader, and good friend:
    Congratulations! I am so proud of you!

  • Lola

    I will miss you!

  • gene sykes

    Your talent and skills were a treasure to discover ! Best always ,God be with you – loved reading your ND alot !

  • Kathy Adams

    Tim, what a great opportunity for you and a crying shame for us! Your work has been invaluable, and I sure hope you find a way to make this work for all of us in the future. I suspect with time you would have gotten stronger with advertisers and supporters.

    All the best to you and mil gracias for all you have done for the English/Spanglish Nicaragua loving community.

  • God

    Well done my son.

  • NICAraguan

    The Nicaraguan Dispatch will surely be missed for its ability and willingness to cover all types of stories, ranging from human interest to political scandal, without bias. Countries such as Nicaragua are in exceeding need of people and publications like this one. Thank you for the last 2 years, hope to see you soon.

    Gentle Reader

  • where is edgar?

    Gracias por el viaje. Andate por la sombrita y no te dilates mucho.
    Come back again my friend (s)

  • Alixe

    Noooooooooooooooo! We’ll we waiting: “with the aim of relaunching Nicaragua Dispatch in the future.” Best of luck to you and your family and congratulations on obtaining the fellowship, Tim!

  • Clark

    I am praying that they did not , put pressure on
    You to Leave….
    Your direct and transparent updates on the
    The recent CANAL deal with our Chinese friend
    Leaves many questions for the entire country
    And the world..
    The quality of info and knowledge
    You shared with us over the past two years
    Has been invaluable .
    You have made NICARAGUA a part
    Of me …
    We sure look forward to having you back..

    • Barry

      I agree Clark, I think he is pressured to leave. I’m glad I left!!!! Barry!!!!

  • SAD

    Yikes Tim. Where are we to get our news from? The local stations? I think not. Congratulations and don’t forget to bring a suitcase full of Gallo Pinto with you to the frozen north.
    P.S I guess we don’t have to fight about who is the biggest Red Sox fan in Nicaragua anymore.

  • tom

    Look at all this support you’ve generated. You deserve it.
    And have proven that there are plenty of English speaker/readers who share your perspective on the need to speak to power and to do the best you can to tell stories the most unfettered way possible. Please, come back, Shane…you will be missed.

  • Nicas News

    Gracias Tim, por tu periodismo intachable.

  • mnelson

    Best of luck, Tim. But I’ve mixed emotions. First, I wonder what Harvard can offer you that you already don’t have … you should have been offering fellowships to others to come and learn at your knee, not the other way around! Secondly, I am deeply worried that losing the Dispatch will be a serous blow to an emerging sense of community cohesion between expats and Nicas. Finally, I am a bit angry at all the institutions that benefit from us being here … the resorts, the markets, the real estate companies, the banks, the oil company, Union Fenosa, Claro and Moviestar, etc., etc., etc., who should have been helping you financially. In the end they will be the losers if the fifth estate surrenders.

    • Erik Nelson

      Mnelson, why the hell didn’t we get together on this while there was still time? Yeah, the Chamuca must be cackling. ND was fair and unbiased, but fair and unbiased reporting is a danger to those who have much to hide.

  • Buck


    I have only recently become a follower of the ND, but I can tell you your work was much appreciated by all I know who read it. You Sir …will be missed! Best wishes for success in all aspects of your life!

  • Walter van Woudenberg

    Tim and all dedicated readers; join us in wanting a solution so we can keep this important publication alive….although without you Tim, it will not be the same. I am willing to throw some $$ into this if someone skilled and passionate will pick it up.

    • Mario Robleto

      I’m new to ND, but have truly fallen in love with the straight forward news style that was independent and informative. Local news here is trash and will not be up to par for a long time.

      If it would or could be of any help, I am willing to offer some web services pro-bono so as long as to help out with Nicaragua Dispatch. I’m just distraught that it is at an end. If there is anything that I can do I’m all for it…

      Best of luck, Tim…

  • Darrell

    Sad beyond words but happy for you. Thank you for keeping us informed for the past two years. Best of luck with your new venture.

  • Tuey


    It is with mixed emotions that I say felicidades on your fellowship- you certainly deserve it- but oh, you and the Nicaraguan Dispatch will be sorely missed.

  • suzanna

    My mornings won’t b the same… of luck to you Tim. You will b missed and I look forward to the re-birth of this publication again someday.

  • G-Reg

    Bummer……. good for you; not so much for those of us who look with great anticipation for the next edition of “As the World Turns-Nicaragua”.
    I have enjoyed both your writing and your reporting. Please, please, please come back when you are done with your new adventure.

  • Bob Callahan

    We will miss Nicaragua Dispatch. You reported with wit and guts. Would that there were more of you. Enjoy the fellowship. Bob

  • Pedro Arauz

    We will miss you!
    Go get them Tim!!

  • Dan

    Thanks for all the great articles. Please relaunch soon!

  • nicachica and gringoO

    Tim, we are both saddened at our loss of a truly insightful voice in this country. I will miss your wonderful sense of humor. We will also miss all of the fantastic, enthusiastic responses to your various articles. Through the Dispatch, I have begun to understand how diverse and committed many of us are to see Nicaragua develop into the country her people deserve. There is a tiny voice in my head, hoever, that says”well, now I won’t be tortured as much by knowing some of the craziness that is going on in the government.” Ignorance may be bliss but it isn’t nearly as stimulating. Our best wishes to you, Tim, in all of your future endeavors.

  • nicafred

    God bless ye, lad.

  • Lissette W.

    I am sadden to see you sign off as Editor of The Nicaragua Dispatch. Best of luck on your future endeavors in the USA. I will miss reading your daily news about Nicaragua. Perhaps some equally honest and strong soul can take over and resume in future months.

    Hope to hear from you in the future!!!

  • Erik Nelson

    Bad, bad news. Now, pray tell, how will we find out what is actually happening in this country?

  • Chris Crane

    Wow. That right there is some bad news for us – hopefully temporary. Best of luck with everything!

  • Sharon Boorstin

    I am really going to miss your wonderful articles that always tell the truth about what’s going on in Nica! Where are you going in the U.S.? Don’t lose touch.

  • http://no Damian

    Thank you for your hard work, Tim! Good luck with the new job and hopefully someone will continue the hard work you started.

  • Bryan

    Tip of the to you, good sir! Congrats on the new endeavor as well as the job well done that you’re (temporarily) leaving behind. Thanks for all you’ve done!

  • Carlos Cuadra

    Dear Tim, I’m a from Nicaragua, from Tipitapa actually, but a I live in Visalia,California for the last 30 years. I started to read “The Nicaragua Dispatch’ when I spend some time in Granada two years ago. Since then a keep my subscription to your “Great” paper. Is very, very, sad to now that you leaving back to the USA. and left us without very reliable source of information, in the USA & Nicaragua.

    But you has this great opportunity now, and take advantage, We will miss the paper, but I hope too see you in Granada some day, and remember old time, whit a cools one in hand.

    Good Luck My Good Friend. Carlos Cuadra

  • Mercedes

    I am so disappointed about the end of the Nicaragua Dispatch (it had become a part of my daily routine). But congrats on the fellowship — I do hope you are able to learn a better open-access business model and re-start ND!

  • Nick

    Congratulations but please reconsider!! Isn’t there anything we can do that will allow you to continue with ND? You are truly a great person with an incredible way with journalism. I’ve never read as much in my life as I have this last year and a half on ND. Honestly I think I have some kind of reading disorder because I could never get past the first paragraph on anything I’ve ever read except your articles!! Thank you for that and best of luck

  • Linda & Randy Klein

    Of course we are very happy for you, but very sad for us and you other followers. You have been our life-line!
    Linda & Randy

  • themeg

    So sad for journalism in Nicaragua! But happy for you, Tim. Go get ‘em.

  • Rose Downs

    i’ve meant to tell you a million times that your wit and humor spiced up facts and figures which made smile on a daily basis. you will be missed by many and very much by me. best wishes to you as you embark on a new adventure!

  • Devry

    So sorry to see you go, but when bigger calls we all must follow. I look forward to your return, I’ll be here waiting. All the best Tim it was fun and informative to follow the ND!

  • Tim

    Dear Tim: I too only recently discovered the ND, but in the short time I was aware of you, I found the online news to be informative, intelligent, comprehensive, entertaining and objective. Best of luck in your new endeavors. You and the ND will be missed by all of us who love Nicaragua, but thirst for reliable information and reporting.


  • Raffles

    We all know why they want you, you are a credit to your profession and a great loss to those of us who have closely followed The Nicaragua Dispatch.

    Unfortunately we obviously can’t afford you and you’ve a family to consider. Hope you continue to promote Nicaragua and Granada and get down often when snow fly’s up North.

  • car

    Tim, thanks for your efforts and even more for allowing this site to be a haven of free speech and expression.

    Any chance of finding some to take over the reigns in your absence?

    Best of luck to you!

  • Mela Pellas

    You come back soon, hear?. Thank you mucho for the ND and good luck among them yankees. Warm regards.

  • ivan argenal

    I’m saddened by this.. Hope “the Dispatch” will be reborn. …maybe bilingual… so I could practice reading spanish…

  • Bill and Penny Ashman

    Tim, as we told you last Saturday you will not only be missed but your method of keeping the world informed about this beautiful Country will reduce the understanding and the situations that actually occur here. Un abrazo fuerte for you and Cecilia and show them at Harvard what people in the trenches really provide the world. I have the books we discussed out and ready for the next time we meet. Bill and Penny

  • Nicagringo

    It is sad that a worthwhile publication with a following can’t develop a business model that is sustainable. Don’t be dismayed as you did a great job of reporting to your audience and you will be missed. Your publication had the unique position in the Nica media of being balanced. Best wishes for your future endeavors!

  • jorge

    ” the nicaragua dispatch ” you will be miss, it hurts to see you go. hopefully in the futre you will return to us again ! maybe when i’m fully retired living in Nicaragua!

  • Ken

    I’m actually crying.

  • Sarah

    Very best wishes to you Tim! Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice in this journalistic endeavor. We are all its beneficiaries. We hope to see you in Nicaragua again soon.

  • David Wiley

    Congratulations and Godspeed, Tim. Your objective and transparent articles will be missed. Unintended consequences are sure to follow, I’m afraid, unless your local business and community leaders realize the positive impact and influence your publication provided. I hope they find a way to pick up the reins to continue an unoppressed view that promotes the safety, welfare and success of your community and cultures.

  • Berni

    Tim, best wishes – your pithy thoughts, exposes and musings will be sorely missed even down here in Costa Rica.

    Congrats on the new gig . . . but who is going to help us think now?

  • Robert

    Oh NO! Say it isn’t so. In Scarlett’s words, “Where shall I go. What Shall I do… I can’t think about it anymore today or I will go crazy”.
    I moved to Nicaragua at about the same time the ND was launched and have followed it faithfully ever since. It has been a part of my daily routine and words can not express how informative/entertaining it has been and how much it will be missed. Many great people are never appreciated until after their death. I am glad you are not one of them.
    Best of luck to you and God Speed…

  • Jon doe

    I got a sick feeling that your being chased out of there cuz you told it how it was. God speed my friend

  • Tio Pere

    Hijuelacien…!?! Dang. Only non biker blog I would read. Next time need to publish a guest blog about Israel Galleano, “Commandante Franklin”. Fought his way from Honduran Border to Costa Rican border in 86, 87 with 800 men and united Northern and Southern Commandos during the war. Universally loved by all campesinos and feared and respected by the Piris. Died in (always suspicious) car wreck in 1992. Best of luck Tim takes Huebos como Cocos to stand up to power sometimes.

  • Ana Anonima

    It certainly was never boring or meaningless!!! I deeply regret that you are saying adios but I hope you will be back soon! Yours was, and I hope will be, a voice in the wilderness many times.

    Words cannot say how disappointed I am. But I wish you all the best during your internship and hope you’ll be back soon.

    Se vaya bien!

  • Ana Anonima

    Sorry, I meant to congratulate you on your fellowship.

    And so suggest crowd funding WHEN you resart ND.

  • Rob Laurich

    You have been an important part of the expats of Nica! Thank you for your excellent work Tim! Your voice will be missed.

  • mike

    I just want to share my appreciation for Nicaragua Dispatch, and the efforts of its editor…..may it soon rise again

  • Eliot

    Happy Trails! Wishing you good luck, and good rum on that road onward…

  • Warren

    Thank you for your herculean efforts to promote truth, justice and the paronomasia. You are a muckraker hero. Enjoy your “asylum away from the asylum.” (One of my favorite of your recent turns-of-phrase). You will be missed, as an individual, and as a rhetorical force for veracity in a country and epoc that sorely needs it.

  • Margie

    When I found ND, I stopped missing the international section of Investor’s Business Daily. Your perspective on global news and veracity on the Nica news was my lifeline. Thank you for your online contribution in ND. Harvard deserves you more than vice versa.
    Best wishes and please return. Solo el amor prevalece.

  • Robert Skydell

    Let me add my congratulations along with the many devoted readers in the long list before me. Not only did I enjoy reading Dispatch every few days when in Nicaragua and while away in the US, I was proud to be included in the blog section during 2012-2013.
    Tim, I’ll miss Dispatch but wish you the very best in your future pursuits.

  • Andres

    Thank you for being an important news source for the North American population living south of the border. Compliments for a job well done! We will be waiting your return.

  • lisa

    Dear Tim… i am so sorry that despite being in nicaragua for 7 years, i did not discover this wonderful and priceless publication until recently. I am sad for those of us that truly enjoyed the sweat of your labours…but must wish you congratulations on this new direction in your life. may the universe bless and keep you – and sometime bring you back to this work.
    With sincere appreciation….. all the best to you

  • Chavalo808

    Tim, thanks for the last couple years! I’ve enjoyed checking ND every morning to keep up with the news in Nicaragua. I lived there for a few years and make frequent visits; the news from ND was exceptional! Good luck with your fellowship and hopefully the ND can be up and running in the near future! Thank you for also being open to posting events that I’ve suggested in the past! Good luck y espero que nos veremos pronto!

  • Benito Carmona

    Hi Tim,

    From time to time a disagree with some of your articles, but as many Nicaraguans are sensitive to some political topics, I also knew inside that most of what you write about and the way you layout things out are black and white, so I will miss your articles and hopefully you have the intention to come back with a better and improved second round.

  • Domingo

    I find myself deeply saddened about the news that the Nicaragua Dispatch will no longer be around. I enjoyed it immensely. The news, the reporting, the analysis. I can not find any words to express how much I am going to miss this online publication. Please comeback.

  • Marcy Camien-Vallecillo

    No please! Wishing you the best in your new adventure,
    But am truely disappointed. I am an American married to a Nicaraguan citizen living in the US considering a future move for our family to Nicaragua and have come to depend in the Nica dispatch to give me a sense of the country I can understand and relate to. While my spoken Spanish gets me by I have not grasped many of the nuances of the language and I appreciated all of the articles written by other non- nica natives to give me a real idea of what the country would be like for me. Please point me to anything close to what you were doing if it exists? You will be missed and I hope for a rapid return of the nica Dispatch! Good luck!

  • Don H

    Thanks for interesting insights into the issues affecting Nicaragua. I will miss your stories and editorials. Good luck with your next endevour!

  • Carlos Arguello

    This is the worst news I’ve received in 5 years. This was my prime source of information on Nicaragua. Alas, I must now remain in utter ignorance. I will miss you greatly, Tim. Thank you for undertaking this beautiful project. I always appreciated your integration of Nicaraguan slang into your articles. Thanks for being awesome. But PLEASE, PLEASE, come back soon. It must be profitable, somehow…..

  • John

    Super disappointing, but wish you the best in the future. Hopefully, it returns in the future!

  • Eric

    Dang……now I have to rely on Canal 10…”tras las noticias” bummer. Good luck and come back!

  • Miguel

    Dear Tim;
    I am very sad to learn about ND going out (hopefully just for a short while). You and your team did an amazing job throughout these years, and I enjoyed a lot reading your witty articles. However, I wish you all the best in this new journey in your life, but I trust that Nicaragua has enchanted you enough so that you will keep it close to your heart. In the meantime, we shall remain dealing with Nicaragua’s daemons, ghosts, zombies, witches, and the citizens that want a better country than what we currently have.

  • Karen

    Very sad. You were my one-stop-shop for staying up to date on Nica in a very well-written and un-biased way. Good luck, and look forward to seeing the reincarnation of the Dispatch!

  • Homi

    Tim, you have done a fantastic job. The great outpouring of love and gratitude expressed above is a testament to what your hard work has meant to so many of us. Thank you for your selfless service and hard work, and remember that you made a huge difference. Not only was your publication informative, but it was also entertaining and fun to read. You are incredibly skilled and I know we will hear more of and from you no matter what the future holds for you. I wish you a lot of luck in your fellowship and family life. Please do return one day and pick up where you left off. We need you, and if the canal and/or other projects materialize, you will be needed even more.
    Love and respect,

  • Laura .

    I was shocked & dismayed when I read this but relieved that you intend to return. Just very sad that I’m losing this important Nica news source for awhile! Thank you for your wonderful reporting!!! Congrats on your fellowship! Will be anxiously awaiting your return!

  • Pedro S.


    Thank you….I will miss the Nicaragua Dispatch
    I have read your online publication weekly religiously
    Good luck with your new endeavor
    I think I am going to go into panick mode now

  • Diane, San Jorge


    ADVERTIZE IMMEDIATELY. At nicaliving, craigslist, nicanet, la prensa wherever!

    Don’t allow such a priceless working website to fall away! You owe that much to yourself, your creation, and your devoted following!

    Locate your talented successor who would be proud to continue the Dispatch!

  • daddy-yo

    Schucks! Thanks boss, you did good.

    That you worked as long & as well as you did for day-labor wages in this virtual cane field called the internet was a wonder. We’ll keep looking for your overviews & insights in places that pay. Buena suerte!

    We’ll miss the wannabe commentators who’d congregate here, sometimes to inform us on what ails poor Nicaragua. But they were most often entertainingly wacko.

  • Tim Rogers

    Thank you to everyone who has offered kind words and well-wishes over the past week, both here and in private emails and messages. Your comments, support and affection for The Nicaragua Dispatch are very touching and mean a lot to me. Regarding the multiple calls to keep this site going in my absence, if anyone has the wherewithal and gumption, please email me privately. In the meantime, I invite you all to continue this online community and keep the conversation going on our facebook page

  • Pat Bray

    Hurry back, please! We need you. I hope you figure out the money side of it. Congratulations on the fellowship. Thanks for publishing my blogs/articles and for publicizing the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca and the new Rotary clubs.

  • Jim Ryan

    What a bummer! You and the Dispatch are going to be severely missed as a source of objective and insightful news and opinion.
    Please do find a way to come back bigger and better! And of course best wishes for great success in the new endeavors, be they educational or commercial.
    You are already missed!

  • Circles Robinson

    Tim, you were doing a very good job filling a need for news and information on Nicaragua for the English language public. Your publication will be missed. I wish you well on your fellowship.

  • Oscar Quintana

    Welcome back!

  • Salvador

    Hasta luego Nicaragua Dispatch! Do come back after your fellowship!

  • John Tansey

    You´re the best! You´ll do a fantastic job in whatever you choose!
    Yes, dear man, the world is your oyster! Hope to see you again after your well deserved fellowship—-AND better than ever!

  • Martin

    You will be missed, you will return…..No gringo ever leaves Nicaragua and doesn’t come back!

  • Juan Ucci

    I am so saddened to hear about this and so disappointed in myself that it took until just now to find out. WTF have I been doing the past few months?! Oh yeah, Nicaragua happens… even to the best of us, which is you. Hasta pronto, mi compa.

  • Kyle

    No non no no

  • Rachael

    Thank you for solid reporting and hard work to tell the right stories. Since returning from Nicaragua to the States I found your publication the only trusted place to get news of a country that has a special place in my heart. Come back después.

  • Indio Jones

    Mr. Rogers,
    Too bad. And no one to handle the project while you are gone?

  • presente leal

    Yo voy a estranar a este gringo igual que los demas gringos que han venido a esta tierra.

    Like the past foreigners that set foot in Nicaragua, this gringo proved to be the same, came and left.

    Many foreigner arrive in Nicaragua with objectives that they love the country and even go to the extend of claiming that it is like their second home. In order for that statement to be true, one has to endure the changes of the countries economic and social ciaos, the real questions are how many do and for how long.

    For an ordinary Nicaraguan the answer to those questions are obvious, so should it be for someone that comes in Nicaragua and promotes citizen right and political stabilization in the country. A good example is, ask yourself, if one of you as Nicaraguan went to the United States or Any other country and tried to promote for citizen right and a better political system would succeed. Let’s analyze for example the social status of ordinary Latinos in the United States.

    Let’s say a Nicaraguan went to the US with the intent to open up a news paper and blog about the social, economic, political status of the country, how much impact do you think you would have? given the obstacle that it is hard enough for a Latino to gain any status in the country overall.

    what many of you should find interesting is that foreigners in Nicaragua have the ability to easy enter the country, gain status, be heard, pretend to be one of you and after all if it doesn’t work out, get a plane ticket and leave.
    Then the illusioned are left with dreams and hopes and start blogs like this.
    My suggestion to the Nicaraguan people is that in order for this not to happen is build a system and culture similar to those who enter with these mentioned ideas in mind, for example : make it hard for them to be heard, and when they are heard pretend you care and characterize it with humor so that it is heard and forgotten quickly, make a bureaucratic system to illusion the new comer but hard to accomplish their goals.

    To be continue

  • Mike

    Hi ,
    i am confused. After finding your website TND and then reading your piece on ending the Nicaragua Dispatch, there are more news pieces that follow?? Is your site / newspaper shut down or is it still running? As I said, I am confused. Thank you

    • Tim Rogers

      Hi Mike, we are on a limited publishing schedule while we transition to a new model. Thanks for reading.