Repliegue scheduled for Friday

In another unexplained twist to a time-honored Sandinista tradition, First Lady Rosario Murillo today announced that the annual Repliegue Táctico (the historic retreat to Masaya) will be held this Friday—instead of on the final Saturday of June—and will follow a new route from the one normally walked in years past.

Daniel Ortega marches in a previous Repliegue Tactico (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Murillo said this year’s march will leave from the so-called “Plaza de las Victorias” (in front of the Princess Hilton) at 3 p.m. on Friday, and will follow the Carretera Masaya to Nindirí and then on to Monimbó, Masaya. The new march route will mean that the main highway into downtown Managua will be closed by police sometime early Friday afternoon. Expect traffic delays.

The Repliegue Táctico, one of the Sandinistas’ two biggest political rallies of the year, is a commemorative march from Managua to Masaya to honor the rebels and civilians who retreated to the “City of Flowers” in 1979 to regroup less than one month prior to the final offensive against the Somoza dictatorship. Though neither Ortega nor Murillo participated in the original Repliegue, the event has since become a celebration of their cult of personality, as the two walk down the street surrounded by a massive security detail and wave to supporters.

The annual march was traditionally held on the last Saturday of June, and always departed from Managua’s Mercado Huembes. This year, however, Murillo decided the event will be held on the first Friday of July and will follow a different route, supposedly to “affect as little as possible the commercial activity of the city.” (She failed to explain how the change to a busier weekday and a more heavily trafficked road would accomplish that objective.)

This year’s annual “tactical retreat” will also feature a Miss Chica Repliegue 2013 beauty pageant in Nindirí, where a dozen young girls will compete for a title to honor the victims who were bombed as they fled from the Somoza’s repressive National Guard 34 years ago.


  • donna tabor

    I’ve read that last paragraph over and over. I still don’t believe it !!!

    • Evelyn

      Well, probably there is absolutely nothing they would want to talk to about, so they have to entertain the masses somehow. One would think that you´d honor victims with a mass, a prayer, placing flowers over their graves,………..

      • abraxas

        I disagree with that kind of “honoring”.

      • http://no Damian

        Ok, but that’s not exclusive to Nicaragua. Most countries celebrate traditions in old and modern ways. So what if there is a beauty pageant contest? On the 4th of July, in the USA, there are many traditions being showed/honoured and lots of other side activities such as Hot Dog eating contests. Even Reuters reports on it

        NIcaragua Dispatch: Nothing new but this article spent time on the defamation of Ortega/Murillo/FSLN and Nicaragua – Not respectful to traditions and culture. Only 1 paragraph on the actual topic which is the Repliegue. As an English language reader interested in Nicaragua and independent media it would have been nicer to expand more on this event.

  • Santos de Apellido

    Divination and horoscope consultations, those are probably some of the motives behind changes. It is good to have traditions but this one should de put put to rest and dedicate that energy to more worthy tasks such as educating people to respect their old people and their women.

  • Valeria

    The only reason it was changed from Saturday to Friday was so the FSLN can force its government workers to attend the event. We are living under the same dictatorship with a different name. Somoza would force his govt workers to attend such marchas y filas and he was known for taking attendance just like Ortega. If you don’t attend, expect your pink slip the following morning.