Costa Rica launches diplomatic offensive against Nicaragua

(posted Sept. 21)- Costa Rica is launching another round of diplomatic offensive against Nicaragua’s alleged expansionism into Tico territory. Costa Rican Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo on Friday presented foreign diplomats in San José with his government’s case against Nicaragua’s latest border incursion, claiming Nicaragua’s “expansionist conduct” has “affected the equilibrium in Central America and peace in the region.”

Castillo says Costa Rica is also seeking help from the United States in response to Nicaragua’s alleged escalation of the conflict by “bringing Russia into the region.”

“We want to alert the international community because the conduct of Nicaragua is altering the equilibrium in the region and threatening the peace, and this is something the international community needs to pay attention to,” Castillo told foreign diplomats gathered at San José’s Casa Amarilla.

Castillo accused Nicaragua of carving two new “artificial channels” into Costa Rica’s Isla Portillo in an attempt to gain territory by shifting the flow of the San Juan River further south. He said the new incursion is a violation of Costa Rica’s “territorial integrity,” as well as the provisional measures ordered by the International Court of Justice, which has instructed both sides to retreat from the contested area until a definitive border can be established.

Nicaragua, for its part, denies that its river-dredging efforts have crossed the border into Costa Rican territory. The Sandinista government claims it is exercising Nicaragua’s legal right to dredge the Río San Juan and maintain its historic flow.

  • Jim Lynch

    Sounds like saber rattling by Dona Laura, that is, if she only had a saber to rattle because everybody knows that Costa Rica is a peaceful country and doesn’t have any sabers (although it does have about a dozen different police forces that are all armed to the teeth) and the property in question is nothing more than a muddy island at the mouth of the San Juan river. Could this be the TicaPrez’s attempt to divert everyone’s attention away from that embarrassing drug plane on which she was caught?