Nicaragua files another complaint against Colombia

(posted Sept. 16)- #Nicaragua today filed another complaint against #Colombia before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) demanding that the World Court uphold its Nov. 19, 2012 ruling by (1) determining the precise course of the boundary of the continental shelf between Nicaragua and Colombia in accordance with the principles and rules of international law, and (2) indicating the rights and duties of the two States in relation to the area of overlapping claims and the use of its resources pending the precise delimitation of the line of the boundary.

I will get to meet President Santos next week, and hopefully will have a chance to ask him about the ongoing border conflict with Nicaragua.

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  • leo

    nicaragua is a sore loser. They already signed the Meridian 80 accord. Colombia will never renounce further sea area. Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Colombia all oppose Nicaragua’s expansionist greed.

    • Will

      Nicaragua won. What are you talking about?

    • Montecristo

      Nicaragua signed the Meridian 80? It wasn’t the 82 you mental retarded ape? People like you should learn to read first. Barcenas-Esguerra Treaty wasn’t about boundaries, but more like territory, but you cocalombians wouldn’t understand even if the CIJ made a video explaining the court ruling. Yes, you´re right we lost the islands, but we got back more than 90.000 km^2, and you people what do you say? We accept the ruling but it´s inapplicable? Is that the cocalombian way of doing business? lol

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