Nicaragua designates Corn Islands as tourism patrimony

Nicaragua lawmakers have designated the Corn Islands as “National Tourism Patrimony”– a classification that, in theory, will coordinate national and regional government institutions to promote sustainable tourism and improve infrastructure on the twin islands.

In a rare show of bipartisan support, Nicaraguan lawmakers on both sides of the divide voted in favor of the law, which aims to add another 150 hotel rooms across Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island, bringing the total number of rooms to 650. The law will also coordinate efforts among the National Port Authority, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the local authorities to improve airport and seaport infrastructure on the Caribbean islands.

“An island without an airport or a seaport has no future–this infrastructure is a fundamental factor for development,” said opposition congressman Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Barrios, president of the National Assembly’s Tourism Commission.


    Maybe they designate an airline to fly there or a way to get there?

  • car

    nica should institute public caning as in singapore. beat the living crap out of the buggers in public, then sentence them to many years of hard labor.

  • Sharon Joy

    Great news for those who have invested in property on the island. Bad news is the local alcadia and Mrs Lilly are so corrupt that I doubt this will make a difference. Unless you have the cash to bribe dont bother investing on the island. The alcadia hates foreigners even those with legal residency. You have no rights as a non islander as to what you can do with your property. Good luck to those trying to improve Big Corn Island. You may need to replace the entire alcadia before implementing anything.