Nicaragua on ‘red alert’ for dengue

(posted Oct. 24, 11:00 a.m.)— President Daniel Ortega this afternoon put Nicaragua on a nation-wide “red alert” for dengue following the death of another young victim to the mosquito-borne illness. 

Spraying for dengue (photo/ Tim Rogers)

“We can no longer continue to treat this epidemic as if it were a normal matter. We have to treat it as a disaster situation, and face it as if we were facing a large-scale disaster, and unite all our efforts, all our collective citizen and institutional strength, including all the social movements and organizations that work in the community,” said first lady and government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo. 

Murillo said her husband has instructed his minions to prepare a special plan to combat the disease, especially in Managua. The special government plan will involve a massive mobilization of all Sandinista party apparatchiks, including the Sandinista Youth and other neighborhood busybodies working for the ruling party. 

Murillo said in Managua alone there will be 5,000 Sandinistas knocking on doors under the auspicious of offering a coordinated government response to a national health emergency. The first lady also called on leaders of the Catholic Church to help fight dengue, which has claimed at least three lives this week.


  • mark oshinskie

    Does this epidemic wane when the dry season begins?

    • Tim Rogers

      Mark, yes it does.

  • Tim D.

    You know, I generally don’t mind ND’s little digs at Ortega and Murillo in the political articles, but if you habitually use words like “minions” in uncontroversial pieces about public health it starts to look like a bad habit and it degrades your neutrality a little bit. I read La Prensa too and have to roll my eyes at their house style of always always always referring to Ortega in straight news articles as the “unconstitutional president.” Try not to go too far down that road.

    • Ben

      Tim D, the only journalistic error I see here is in not referring to Rosario as the “unconstitutional first lady”.

      • Tim D.

        If the NY Times had decided after the 2000 election that it was going to automatically refer to “President Bush, who stole the last election” or something like that in all of its straight news reporting, I would have thought that was BS too. I think you lose a little bit of credibility by doing that.

        But maybe it’s all in ND’s business model. Snark gets the clicks, I bet.

  • Mike

    If shrill polemics in the Nicaragua Dispatch could effectively combat dengue fever, the problem would now be over. But it can’t, so it ain’t. Remember, the mosquitoes that carry it bite at night.

  • Dawn Curtis

    Have to agree with the above comments about this piece going a bit too political. I’m no fan of Daniel, but you’ve overdone it when it stands out so much in an article about dengue

  • Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde

    haha, minions…

    The truth is though, that they are going all out in Managua. Even in my little forgotten corner of town in a wee shire called San Antonio Sur, they fumigated and came out door-to-door.