Ros-Lehtinen: Nicaragua undermining US interests in region

(posted Nov. 8, 7:15 a.m.)- U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), one of the few U.S. lawmakers paying any attention to Nicaragua, is again urging the Obama Administration to take action against anti-democratic moves by the Sandinista government. 

In response to President Daniel Ortega’s latest attempt to reform Nicaragua’s constitution, Ros-Lehtinen issued a statement yesterday urging the Obama Administration to “denounce this attempt to further dismantle the democratic process to deny the people of Nicaragua the fundamental freedoms that we often take for granted.” 

The congresswoman argues that Ortega’s attempt to remove presidential term limits from the constitution would “allow him to retain a stranglehold over the people of Nicaragua.” 

“It is troubling that Ortega, with the help of his cronies in the Nicaraguan National Assembly, continues to trample on democratic freedoms of millions of his own people, undermine U.S. interests in the region, and collaborate with other rogue regimes like Cuba and Venezuela,” the Republican lawmaker said. “The Obama Administration stood idly by during the last illegitimate elections in Nicaragua and these power grabs are the consequences of our silence. I urge the Administration to denounce this attempt to further dismantle the democratic process to deny the people of Nicaragua the fundamental freedoms that we often take for granted.”

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  • Devry

    Please, no not stick your nose in this USA…the Nicaraguans need to stand up for themselves, you will do nothing but provide an impetus for making Nicas sympathetic to the change. Stay OUT OF IT!

    • arturo cuadra

      as we will rise up and fix things for ourselves if Ortega has been working powers for personal benefits.
      Nicaragua is no man’s land where corruption prevails and most of us citizens can do nothing. the opposition is purchased, beware, Nicaragua nest may be future problems in Central and Latin American area

  • Alberto

    I think you’ve got enough problems in “your” country Ileana to be worried about constitutional ammendments in Nicaragua. Why don’t you contact the NSA about your “fundamental freedoms?”

    • car

      deflection. can’t handle the truth being spoken about your country so you flip the conversation over to something else. it is shortsightedness like this that got nicaragua where it is today: in a steady decline into totalitarianism.

  • damian

    Almost 1 decade in Nicaragua and the country is growing. Investments are safe and respected. Tourism, production, manufacturing is increasing. Freedom of speech is respected. What is wrong with these results? Why try to discredit all of this?

    The majority of people are happy with the FSLN. And there comes Ros-Lehtinen manufacturing poison in typical Republican fashion. In parallel, NicaDispatch keeps on publishing this poison in the name of journalism – Fair and Balanced a la “Foxnews”.

    People are getting tired of biased journalism and Republican politics. You are losing power and global respect, wake up!

  • Pedro Arauz

    In Nicaragua the people around Ortega ( his mafia and a few “businessmen” ) have taken the cool aid just as the Dems did with Obama. Just like with Obama where facts have finally caught up with the lie Obama is, the same will happen in Nicaragua sooner than latter.

    It’s all a Venezuelan induced bubble as otherwise the little Nica country is still the same banana republic from 1940.

    Actually in 1940 dollars the Nica country is in 1907, do the numbers!

  • Ken

    It’s worrisome to find myself almost agreeing with this right wing ideologue, but fortunately I still don’t.

    While it would be good for someone to stop this rewrite of the Nicaraguan constitution, I don’t see any pretext for foreign interference. Both Ortega and the Sandinistas in the legislature were elected more or less legally, and can therefore legally do as they please with the constitution. Even if some of the elections can be disputed, enough Sandinistas were legitimately elected to make an objection to their amending the constitution on the basis of electoral corruption farfetched.

    Perhaps it would be good for the US sent a message encouraging Nicaraguan lawmakers to act with integrity and an eye toward the public good in this difficult time for them. That is, I suspect that what’s going on is that some of even the Sandinista lawmakers don’t support these constitutional reforms, but simply feel pressured by the party to approve them. A word of encouragement to them to act with integrity may therefore be appropriate, but I’m at a loss to see what else the US can legitimately do.

  • Natan

    Just as in Animal Farm, the ones who overthrow the dictator become dictators themselves. Ortega = Samoza All the bloodshed and destruction gained nothing.

    • Flaco delgado

      See “The Pedagogy of the Oppressed”