US concerned about Nicaragua’s constitutional reforms

(posted Nov. 22 5:58 p.m.)- The U.S. State Department today released a rare statement on Nicaragua’s political situation to express its concern with the proposed changes to the country’s constitution

“We are following very closely the constitutional measures proposed by President Ortega and his administration. We are concerned that steps that concentrate power and undermine checks and balances will be harmful to democracy and could hurt the long-term economic development so important to the Nicaraguan people,” reads the U.S. government statement attributed to DOS spokeswoman Jen Psaki, in Washington, D.C.

“We hope that the government and all sectors of Nicaraguan society can discuss fully the meaning of these proposals and their long-term potential impact on Nicaragua’s democracy and prosperity,” the statement reads.

The Sandinistas’ proposed constitutional reforms have been opposed by Nicaragua’s political opposition parties, civil society, the Catholic Church and the Nicaraguan-American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM).


  • Ken

    My guess is that this statement was issued more to appease the right wing inside the US than to affect events in Nicaragua. Inside Nicaragua it probably does more harm than good, since it will be correctly interpreted by the Sandinistas as more meddlesome blather from the arrogant superpower while the opposition already knows that it enjoys the support of the US. It may even be counterproductive inside the US, since the right wing can now make the argument that the US is already on record expressing concern about events in Nicaragua and ought to take the next X, Y, and Z steps. Ideally, the statement therefore wouldn’t have been issued, but it’s probably a small thing that involves internal US politics more so than Nicaragua.

  • Roberto

    So in a few words there saying: “if you don`t change your socialist proposals we may not give you the loan you have been asking for”. Well I must say this surely is going to give something to think about for Daniel Ortega

  • Doug

    Pot….meet Kettle. Coming from the nation that has strayed quite far from it’s own Constitution.

    • car

      MAYBE from a strict textualist perspective has the US “strayed” for its constitution. but you can bet your life the US constitution was never changed without a vote of the PEOPLE not their “elected” officials.

      this is not about the US or its problems. and i’d venture to say that you are are a US citizen. if you hate it so much, renounce your citizenship and leave (if you haven’t already) the door swings well in both directions.
      you can then swear your allegiance to the red & black and ask the sandinistas for protection.

      besides, are you defending the actions of an unconstitutional “president” and his lackeys?