Colombia recalls ambassador to Nicaragua

President Santos stands aboard a Colombian battle ship in contested waters last September (photo/ presidencia)

Colombia this week recalled it’s ambassador to Nicaragua, Luz Stella Jara, amid flaring tensions over the ongoing maritime border dispute with Nicaragua. 

“We have decided to recall our ambassador, Luz Stella Jara, who should be arriving tomorrow, so she can report on why it is impossible to have a dialogue with Nicaragua,” Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin said during a press conference on Wednesday, according to media reports. 

The recall comes at the one year anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s 2012 ruling that redrew the maritime border between the two countries, giving Nicaragua some 90,000 square kilometers of Caribbean Sea once claimed by Colombia. 

The South American nation refuses to accept the Court’s ruling and is accusing Nicaragua of expansionism. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced last month that his government is also preparing a letter of protest after two Russian bombers entered Colombian airspace without authorization during a flight between Managua and Caracas. 

Nicaragua, meanwhile, has filed a new case against Colombia accusing the country of violating international law.

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  • Ken

    This is worrisome. Unless someone can explain how a country that refuses to abide by International Court ruling can plausibly claim that it is Nicaragua’s fault for failing to “dialog,” this smacks of Colombia climbing aboard the bandwagon led by Costa Rica to paint Nicaragua as an evil expansionist regime rather than addressing the specific issues. If Colombia has a valid gripe, I’d like to know what it is. Otherwise, I’m worried about where this anti-Nica PR campaign is heading.

    • Gloria

      Nicaragua has been a sponsor of terrorism for very long time. Colombia is owner of these Islands for more than 200 years! Listen… more than two hundred years, but since a terrorists are in charge of the government in Nicaragua, problems started develop with Nicaragua against their neighbors, I am Colombian so I am sure I know more about it and better than you Sir.

  • Gloria

    We are very aware of why bully Nicaragua is threatening Colombia, I read in: about this problem since 2012, Nicaragua is ready to declare war against Colombia because the Russian military is directing them, Russia’s military intelligence is aboard of the Nicaraguan Naval ships, and Putin is doing business with Obama…this is how this is working! Wait to see how the Argentine versus England will develop in in the Obama’s UN Agenda 21/New World Order. A lot of this information is been leak and no longer a SECRET.