Nicaragua’s Ortega condemns terrorist attacks in Russia

(posted Dec 31, 12:00 pm)- President Daniel Ortega yesterday wrote to his “brother president,” Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, to express his condolences after two terrorist attacks left dozens dead and injured in Volgograd.

More than 30 people were killed and dozens more injured in two apparent suicide bombing attacks on a public bus and train station in Volgograd. The twin attacks occurred less than 24 hours apart on Monday.

In a letter dated Dec. 30, Ortega expressed his “unconditional solidarity and fraternity” to the people of Volgograd and Russia following the “terrorist barbarity.”

“In the New Year, which will begin in a few hours, may the Russian Federation and you, its president, continue to defend the peace that the world needs so dearly, and continue supporting culture, science, life, tranquility, development in solidarity, for all of humanity,” Ortega wrote.

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  • Pedro Arauz

    Then…Islamists are a very good support group to terrorize Ortega!

    We could bring their know how to do a few “jobs” in Nica…

  • estevan

    after visiting and or living in nicaragua for 3 years, my new year wish would be that ortega and most politicians in general would refrain from sending condolences elsewhere when tragedy happens. wow! 30 people give or take. Where.s Ortega[s condolences for his own people here in nicaragua. Hundreds of thousands[ if not a few million folks got to celebrate new years[ as usual[ not with the wine and roses promised them repeatedly[ but with beans and rice[ and if they were lucky enough or middle class[ then throw in a chicken leg and cole slaw. I haven.t visited in a while[ but i know my friends and neighbors in nicaragua had another year of poverty and despair. so mr. ortega[ stop ignoring your own country and your own people. estevan