Nicaragua asks INTERPOL to repeal warrant for Pastora

Nicaragua’s top cop is asking INTERPOL to lift its international capture order for Sandinista government employee Edén “Comandante Cero” Pastora.

Eden Pastora (photo/ Tim Rogers)

In a letter dated Dec. 26, Nicaraguan Police Commissioner Aminta Granera asked INTERPOL secretary general Ronald Noble to “immediately eliminate” Pastora’s name and record from its international wanted persons list. Pastora, 76, was put on the wanted list earlier this month at the request of Costa Rica, where the former guerrilla leader is accused of usurping public property and violating that country’s forestry law. Pastora allegedly committed those crimes while working as a dredge boat captain in the service of the Sandinista government.

Pastora responded to the capture order by calling INTERPOL’s directors “crazy.” He says the warrant is inapplicable because he was working as a government employee, and that Costa Rica’s request to include him on the international wanted list is a sad act of desperation by an unpopular government.

The Nicaraguan Police apparently agree with Pastora’s assessment of the situation. Granera’s letter to the INTERPOL director makes it clear that the Nicaraguan Police have no intention of upholding the international capture order.

Instead, the Nicaraguan police chief challenges the validity of the warrant by arguing that Costa Rica is in violation of INTERPOL’s statues, principles and objectives. Furthermore, Granera argues, the alleged crimes committed by Pastora occurred on border land that is subject to an ongoing international dispute before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Wanted Man

The Nicaraguan police chief’s letter goes on to echo the Sandinista government’s argument that the capture order for Pastora is evidence that the INTERPOL office in Costa Rica is acting in “bad faith” and jeopardizing the neutrality of the global organization by attempting to “utilize it for political goals.”

At press time, Pastora had not been removed from INTERPOL’s wanted persons list.

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  • Pedro Arauz

    Dear Tim,

    Remember that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and Pastora together with Ortega and friends are the problem.

    Things will start to change in Nicaragua as armed opposition to the Ortega thugs increases. The Pastora story is already part of that support and the new contras in the North are organizing .

    The last comunicado states that whoever who sides with Ortega is also part of the problem and are to be considered military targets. Can you imagine a contra troop taking over Guacalito and burning the place to the ground? The news will start flying.

    Just as the last attack against Putin at the train station several attacks will come to Nica and why not a deal with the Narcos in exchange for immunity? Same thing happened in Colombia and still everywhere where the so called police takes the bribe.

    Great we have the Dispatch, let’s hope freedom will survive and never forget the horrific civil war in the US, but was needed. Nicaragua is still very much in the initiation phase and if the military doesn’t react well, war will sadly come.

    • Carla Chamorro

      Couldn’t agree more with you Don Pedro!

      As we speak, most Nicas are thinking the same thing. The living “bonito” is just a media event or just in the air waves.

      Poverty in Nica has never been worst and the few (here is less than 1% !!) are doing such selfish show as if they lived in the Cote d’azzure. People will notice who is who and they’ll make them pay. Nor like during the 1979 revolution (?) when there was an ideal. Now it’s just Al Capone…Ortega version 2014.

  • Gunner

    Do you think Doña Aminta can fix a traffic ticket for me?

    • Carla Chamorro

      The going rate for her is US25.00 (For the traffic ticket…I mean)

      • Brian

        LOL … Great answer, Carla!

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  • javier balladares

    As ex-combatant in ’78, ’79, ’80 and after seen most of my friends been killed by Somoza’ army, my heart bleeds again as i think that their blood and sacrifice was in vain and only served the purpose of Daniel Ortega to bring his own dictatorship.Shame to the nicaraguan people for passively allow this new dinasty and for forget the reason why we got rid of Somoza: Freedom,more jobs, real justice,not corrupt justice and more important the blood of so many brothers and sisters that gave their lives for a better Nicaragua.For a Nicaragua Libre.For a Nicaragua where our kids should have an education and be productive, instead of living under the shadow of a family given them the crumps and bones of their luxurious life.I am against another war, but it is the only road Daniel has left for us to follow. Please people wake up, don’t let the Ortega-Murillos dictate how we live our lives. I know the situation is not good for 95 percent of nicaraguan but, we can do much better.

  • car

    maybe some anti-sandinista group should ask interpol to dissolve the warrant for Bedana…