Police kill protester in Chichigalpa

Rights activists are questioning the police’s use of force after cops opened fire on a group of protesters in Chinandega on Saturday evening. At least one protester was killed and another injured, according to police.

Police shot and killed Juan de Díos Torres, 47, and injured 14-year-old José Ignacio Valladares while attempting to break up a protest in the neighborhood of Candelaria, near the Ingenio San Antonio rum distillery in Chichigalpa. The protesters, who allegedly suffer from chronic kidney disease from working in the cane fields, were demanding better medical attention.

Police claim they opened fire on the group in self defense, after the demonstrators attacked the cops with rocks, mortars and homemade weapons. La Prensa reports that as many as five people were injured and 20 were arrested.

Police said internal affairs is investigating the incident and the officers in question have been suspended and are being held in custody.

  • Dave

    I have been here 2 years, sad to say, corruption is commonplace in Nicaragua. The rule of law, what there is of it plays second fiddle to who you know. The moment I arrived, 10 pm airport,, a customs official tried to shake me down for $20 . I refused, and after 20 min. he let me go. It was all over my dog. He claimed I didn’t have the required documentation..
    The only required doc. is well health certificate from a licensed vet and federal permit. (the airline will not ship a animal without these documents) I presented him the documents. I even chastised him and told him his action was a poor reflection of Nicaragua. he ought to know the law and abide by it.