‘Talcazo’ scandal makes mockery of judicial system

Smuggling baby powder

Smuggling baby powder

(posted March 12, 7:20 pm) — The credibility of Nicaragua’s embattled judicial system is again being called into question this week after a judge’s dubious ruling to drop drug smuggling charges against the brother of boxing champ and Sandinista-campaigner Román “Chocolatito” González.

A Sandinista judge this week absolved Milton González of drug trafficking charges after crime lab tests showed the mysterious white powder he was arrested with on Feb. 25 was baby powder, and not cocaine, as initial police tests indicated. González was arrested in Managua wearing a backpack containing bullets, a weighing scale and 1,569 grams of…baby powder.

At the time of his arrest, police conducted a field test on the powder and determined it was in fact cocaine. However, three subsequent tests conducted in Managua’s state-of-the-art crime lab revealed the powder was talcum.

Rights activists claim the whole scandal makes Nicaragua’s judicial system look ridiculous and corrupt.

“This is an eloquent demonstration of the lack of judicial independence,” Gonzalo Carrión, legal director of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, told La Prensa.


  • Pepe Turcon

    Let’s go to the point.
    The one and only important news today for Nicaragua is the outcome of the fight in Venezuela and if we have done our homework reading some of the last 3000 years of world history should know by now the whole of the Castro- Chavez “payasada” or bad taste joke, it’s coming to an end. Let’s hope it’s not to bloody but it is worth every single drop of blood.
    As to the talco in Nicaragua….maybe the only question here is if it is Johnson or Mennen?
    It’s all part of the familiar…they are digging their won grave, let them!

  • EJB

    La Prensa reported the weigh to be 1,569 grams or more than a kilo and a half making it a much bigger deal

    • NicaraguaDispatch

      EJB, you’re right — my goof, I mistyped period for common. It’s been corrected