6.2-magnitude quake rocks Nicaragua

Early reports: 1 dead, dozens injured, more than 1,000 homes damaged

Map of earthquakes in Nicaragua in the past 24 hours

Map of earthquakes in Nicaragua in the past 24 hours

(posted April 10, 6:30 pm/ updated 1:30 am) — President Daniel Ortega declared a “red alert” following a powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake along the same fault line that caused the 1972 quake that leveled Managua.

At least 1 person is dead (Fátima Reyes, heart attack), 17 homes totally destroyed, more than 1,000 homes damaged, and 33 people seriously injured, according to preliminary reports by the government and media. School has been canceled on Friday in Managua and Leon.

“Red alert” means that Nicaraguans should remain on high alert.

The quake occurred at 5:27 pm and lasted 45 seconds. The epicenter was near La Paz Centro/Nagarote, near Lake Managua, at a depth of 10 KM. Since then there have been more than 350 aftershocks, including six significant ones registering magnitudes between 3.5 and 5.0, with epicenters near Monotombo Volcano, north of Managua.

Managua residents say the quake was one of the strongest they have felt in many years.

Ortega said the earthquake was a “sign from God” for Nicaraguans “to protect ourselves and act responsibly” and come together under a government that is “Christian, Socialist and in Solidarity.”

Preliminary reports indicate damages to dozens of homes in Managua and Leon, as well as problems with electricity outages in Managua. The San Rafael del Sur – Crucero Highway also suffered damages. There are no reports of deaths or injuries, but homes are being evacuated in northern Managua.

The earthquake was felt throughout the Pacific coast and well as in neighboring Costa Rica and El Salvador.


  • NicaraguaDispatch

    Getting early reports of opportunistic crime in Managua. We hear from a source who was in a car in Managua at time of the earthquake that traffic stopped on the highway, chaos ensued. Car was robbed by men on the road while car was stuck in traffic. Also early reports that some free trade zones closed their doors to prevent workers from leaving and stealing clothes. Nice.

  • http://Playaroca.com Davecardin

    The students don’t go to school much anyway, they could at least come to school and do some earthquake “alert” practice, maybe even spend an hour or so on education like math and English. Being at “home” or wandering the streets during school hours will do no-one any good.

  • Carla Chamorro

    I thought you knew….it’s because of the new canal being built by the Chinese. They are using a new form of micro nuclear devices to accelerate the works and to make sure they finish by the time Mr. Ortega promised. Don’t you worry, it’s all under control.

  • James O Sullivan

    And Ortega says it is a sign from God that people should support the Government!!! That is really funny.