ANS: Vahey’s photos were taken prior to Nicaragua

vahey(posted April 23, 6:15 pm) — The American Nicaraguan School (ANS) issued a statement this afternoon stating that its “employment relationship” with alleged U.S. pedophile William James Vahey was terminated on March 11, 2014, and that the pornographic evidence he was caught with predates his tenure in Managua.

“Mr. Vahey worked for this institution since August 12, 2013 to March 11, 2014. He was fired immediately by ANS administration after having found inappropriate photographic material belonging to him. This photographic material was collected by Mr. Vahey in other countries prior to his arrival in Nicaragua,” the school said in a statement.

Vahey is being investigated by the FBI, which claims it has one of the ex-teacher’s thumbdrives with pornographic photographs of at least 90 alleged victims, dating back to 2008. Vahey worked in American international schools in nine different countries since 1972. His last post was in Nicaragua. He committed suicide on March 21, 2014.

“The ANS administration reiterates its mission to protect all its students and guarantee the well-being of all the members of its educational community,” the school said in its release.

  • Guest

    t is not so much sad that the ANS school authorities wash their hands, go into denial, and try to cover their tracks.
    It’s sadder they actually thought that they could do that in this day and age.
    On the other hand, it is somewhat of a Nicaraguan way to leave at least some stones unturned.

    • hanging_curve

      Nicaraguan way is a payoff. I just wanted to clear on that point.

  • Nick

    It is not so much sad that the ANS school authorities wash their hands, go into denial, and try to cover their tracks.
    It’s sadder they actually thought that they could do that in this day and age.
    On the other hand, it is somewhat of a Nicaraguan way to leave at least some stones unturned.

    • The Truth

      No Nick it is kind of like the US they like to investigate all the important details. They leave out the smaller details, which are the most important, out. Trust me I live in Nicaragua and go to this school as a student.

      • Nick

        The smaller details ARE the stones left unturned. And we do not want to
        know all the details unless the victims of the pedophile themselves step
        forward and call for more justice. Meanwhile, the school officials who
        were presented with the flash drive of evidence and then who gave him
        his severance pay and a ticket for an airplane ride back to the US
        should resign or be fired for negligence. They knew he was a criminal
        and they let him go, in fact, even paying to get him away (sweeping it
        under the carpet, as they say). He should have been arrested and tried
        under the Nicaraguan laws for child pornography. The ANS should not have
        even begun to try to hide it. They should have been proud to bring this
        scum to justice.

  • Joe

    Director Gloria Doll should be held responsible for personally bringing this man to ANS. He was not hired through ordinary channels. Director Doll was/is a personal friend to this man and his wife and invited him to join the ANS faculty without requiring any of the criminal background checks required of other new hires. The ANS Board must hold Director Doll accountable for putting her personal interests before the interests of student safety and security.

    • The Truth

      Not only that but she also let him go. Yes, she broke the Nicaraguan law.

  • tonyryals

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