INETER: earthquakes moving from west to east

More than 400 quakes registered in the past 8 hours

Recent earthquake activity in Nicaragua

Recent earthquake activity in Nicaragua

(posted April 17, 12:00pm) — Nicaragua remains on high alert as Managua continues to shake and rattle. In the past eight hours, the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) has registered 19 additional earthquakes (ranging in magnitude between 1.7-2.5), 418 smaller tremors and thousands of aftershocks — all with epicenters between Momotombo and Apoyeque volcanos, on the northern side of Managua.

INETER reports the earthquake activity appears to be migrating from west to east. The government agency is increasing its monitoring capabilities with the addition of 10 new GPS systms in the affected region, INETER reports.










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