Police: Colclough was strangled to death

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(posted April 16, 3:50 pm) — Nicaragua’s National Police have arrested a Nicaraguan man identified as Fernando Antonio Aburto, 35, as the primary suspect in the murder of U.S. citizen Karen Colclough, whose body was found Monday evening.

Aburto, alias “Somazón,” reportedly has a criminal record that includes rape and robbery, according to El Nuevo Diario.

Glenda Zavala, head of Nicaragua’s Judicial Police Unit, told local reporters that Aburto allegedly strangled Colclough to death after stealing her camera. Police tied Aburto to the crime after he sold Colclough’s camera to a local resident for $27. Police say Aburto has scratch marks on his arms, indicating struggle.

According to police reports published in the local press, Colclough left the property of the Barceló Montelimar hotel to take photographs on Friday morning. When she tried to return to the hotel, she apparently discovered that she was cutoff from the beach by the rising tide. Aburto allegedly approached her and offered to show her an alternative way back to the hotel. Once Aburto got her alone, he allegedly attacked her and strangled her to death, police say.

Police said the autopsy results will determine if Colclough was sexually abused.

Colclough’s family is trying to repatriate her body to the United States for a funeral.

  • Karen Newton Cordell

    Damn shame!!!!!!!!

  • Pepe Turcon

    And this is supposed to be a safe country? This crime occurred almost inside the hotel and probably the murderer worked there!
    I hope people will start to realize all data given by this Ortega government is pure useless crap.
    They should investigate the hotel staff as this has all the works of an inside job.

    • SMSisita

      “And this is supposed to be a safe country?” as if we don’t hear worse stories coming from north america. Nicaragua is safe compared to other central american countries.

    • Paola

      we have NEVER had a murder in a University, school or preschool. I mean how fucked up is that?!

  • Ben

    Initial Nica reports differed substantially from US reports in some details.

    • VickiInCostaRica


      • Ben

        The kind of work she was doing – whether anyone had been apprehended initially. Now the reports are closer to US reports, but they are still fudging on the type of humanitarian work she was into.

        • GRANADINO

          And what type of work was that?

          • Ben

            While some play was given to the association of her church group with Agros Intl., Karen was more involved with helping the mentally & developmentally challenged. She was a caring & giving person. I would consider her work to be more of a missionary skill set.