US woman found dead in Nicaragua

karen-colclough(posted April 14, 9:52 pm) —The parents of 37-year-old Karen Colclough got the phone call that every parent fears — their daughter was found dead.

Colclough’s body was found about a quarter mile north of the Barceló, Montelimar, according to statements by the family to local media in Massachusetts. She went missing on Friday, when she apparently wandered off the hotel grounds to go for a walk.

CBS Boston reports that Colclough’s parents, who live in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, were told a suspect is in custody in Nicaragua, and the case is being treated as a murder.

Details of the investigation have not been made public. Nicaraguan Police have not yet released any statements about the case.


  • Fuego

    This country is not safe for tourists. I Doubt the crime will be ever solved. Very sad and horrific.

    • Ghost of Che

      safer than most shopping malls, schools, and movie theaters in the US

      • Beth Coffman


        • frank

          hi beth and Che

          Yes there are parts of Indiana and large US cities that are very dangerous, but I don’t think you are going to send your daughter to those high crime areas to take a Spanish course, nor should you send your wife to the crime areas of Houston for a relaxing vacation, as the case with this murdered girl in Nicaragua. She was in an expensive tourist resort. ( I’ve been here many times)

          Last Dec. I was brutally beaten and almost killed by four Armed men in Granada. a few months earlier an English girl was raped and beaten in Granada. Even though I gave the police phone numbers of a man calling my house in the USA demanding my passcodes to my iphones, they did not do much. I could list dozens of such cases, which do not make the news. These cases don’t make the WSJ article crime rate because that only tallied Murders, not violent crime and serious felonies. last year La Prensa Newspaper In Nicaragua published a report of Violent crimes that did not result in death. Nicaragua was second, only slightly behind Honduras.

          There is a reason that the US State Dept has a crime warning for Nicaragua. Take a look at the state Dept’s website.

          I lived in Nicaragua several years. being murdered is worse, but being beaten and robbed is no piece of cake. Unfortunately the highest crime rate is in the tourist areas like Granada and San Juan del Sur , because ( as in the case of this poor girl in the beach resort) that is were the money is.

  • ellen

    what a sad and terrible thing. Condolences to her family and church members traveling with her. Definitely not something one hears about happening in Nicaragua very often.

    • Calley

      Agreed, Ellen. What a tragedy, thoughts and condolences to her family and loved ones.

  • Gordana Govic

    Its tragic and our condolences to her family. Let them be assured that it was an anomaly and Nicaragua is a beautiful country with wonderful people but like every where in the world, you will have a person (s) that are evil.

  • Beth Coffman

    This is not the norm. I am safer in Nicaragua than in Indiana.

    • Justan American

      Foolish statement by an ignorant person.She probably thought that too……

      • Beth Coffman

        I go in eyes wide open and take specific precations. I do not go anywhere alone in the country. Early in the morning or at night. We know the people where we will be residing. Never take for granted the country or the people or be foolish in making an independent decsion. I mourn for the loss. I live in the Midwest at the moment. We just had another shooting in a high end suburb..evil never sleeps…

  • Alexander Estrada

    Don´t take a bad image of my country, Nicaragua is a quiet and beautiful place….it´s so weird find a case like this especially in this zone… i hope the police can explain this… condolences with the family….

  • Erika Mairena

    I want to expres my simpaties to the family, you can be sure that he is going to pay his sin because he is going to be judged i know that nothing is going to bring her back to life . but that does not mean that Nicaragua is a bad place to live and visit there are mean people everywhere not only in Nicaragua

    • Cyndee Malowitz

      I agree. I own a residence there and I’ve never had a problem. I see more violence in the U.S. than I do in Nica.

      RIP beautiful spirit!