Nicaragua remains on maximum alert for earthquakes

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(posted May 1, 10:30 am) — Nicaragua woke up shaking again this morning with a 4.7-magnitude earthquake at 7:35 am near Momotombo Volcano, north of Managua. The quake, which reportedly frightened people but didn’t cause any damage, was only 3.4 kilometers deep.

The quake was followed by five aftershocks in the following 40 minutes, ranging in magnitude from 1.4—3.1, according to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies.

The continued earthquakes come hours after President Daniel Ortega announced that Nicaragua remains on highest alert for seismic activity, triggered by the earthquake on April 10.

“It doesn’t depend on us, it depends on the assessments that they make, that the scientists who are following these seismic events make,” Ortega said.

“It doesn’t depend on us, it depends on the assessments that they make,” Ortega said, repeating himself. “As long as they present assessments where there is risk of high intensity seismic events, we have to maintain the red alert. When they tell us that the probability has decreased, we will suspend the red alert and put it back to yellow.”

Ortega also mentioned that Nicaraguan scientists have long discussed the possibility of moving the capital away from Managua, where five major fault lines intersect, but said there is seismic risk everywhere in the country.


  • MGA Teacher

    Will schools in Managua continue to be closed?

  • Pepe Turcon

    From Alaska to Chile is always red alert, it can happen today or in 500 years. Is not about being in any alert it’s about not being ignorant.

  • NicaraguaDispatch

    MGA Teacher, classes in Managua are suspended indefinitely as long as the Red Alert is maintained by the government. Students have already missed 3 weeks of classes

  • James

    ANS just announced that the red alert has been extended and that there will be no classes on Monday – someone, somewhere is giving the president very bad advice!