Nicaraguan school director resigns

Controversial ANS director Gloria Doll has stepped down after a firestorm involving pedophile professor William Vahey

School's Out: Gloria Doll
photo: Nicaragua Dispatch

School's Out: Gloria Doll

Less than a month after the controversial actions — or, according to some, dubious inaction —of embattled American Nicaraguan School (ANS) Director General Gloria Doll, the school’s board of directors announced her resignation today.

“The Board of Directors of the American Nicaraguan School has received and accepted the resignation of Dr. Gloria Doll, as Director General of our school, effective next month,” reads a message emailed to parents today. “We are working closely with Dr. Doll to ensure a smooth transition. We thank her for the valuable contributions and efforts provided to our school and wish her all the success in her future endeavors and projects.”

Doll had come under fire for what many consider to be an egregious mishandling of the scandal involving accused pedophile professor William Vahey, who was fired on March 11 after seven months of teaching at ANS. Vahey, a U.S. citizen who committed suicide on March 21, was an accomplished pedophile, preying on an untold number of unsuspecting students in private American schools in nine different countries, according to an ongoing FBI investigation. His alleged modus operandi was to drug students and then abuse them when they passed out, according to the investigation.

William Vahey

William Vahey

Some parents and teachers at Managua’s ANS claim Doll did not act quickly or decisively enough to stop Vahey when she had the chance. Critics argue the school’s mishandling of the case gave Vahey time to destroy evidence and slink out of the country undetected and unpunished.

Doll’s defenders — including the school board — claim the school director acted appropriately and timely, informing authorities and ultimately putting a stop to a transnational monster who had a long and prurient history of recidivism. “The ANS Board of Directors supports the actions of our Director General, Dr. Gloria Doll, to protect our students, community and institution in regards to the well-known case of William James Vahey,” the board said in an earlier statement, on May 2.

But the board entirely sidestepped the scandal today; it wasn’t even mentioned in today’s letter home to parents. Instead, the ANS board of directors is treating Doll’s resignation as a routine matter that’s completely unrelated to the international scandal over Vahey’s penchant for pedophilia.

“As we begin our search for our new leader, we ask for your continued support and patience,” the ANS board letter reads. “Shortly, we will communicate our plans and timeline for recruiting and hiring the next Director General, who will complement our strengths and identify our areas of improvements and opportunities to ensure a bright future for our school.”

  • Darrell Bushnell

    Director Gloria Doll was punished more than William Vahey.

  • Oreo Man News

    Gloria Doll has to be held accountable. She allowed a monster to make a clean get away. William Vahey is done taking misery out on helpless children despite Doll, not because of her.

  • Angel Muñoz

    “praying on an untold number of unsuspecting students in private American schools ”

    *Preying, not praying.

    • Tim Rogers

      good catch, thanks