Students’ earthquake vacation ends next week

Back to school

Back to school

(posted May 8, 7:20 am) — After a month of “earthquake vacation,” students from the 115 schoolhouses damaged by the April 10 earthquake will finally resume classes on Monday, May 12, according to the education ministry.

Classes have been suspended for the past month in six municipalities in Managua and León, which remain on maximum alert for earthquakes following the first 6.2-magnitude tremor that got things shaking on April 10.

Students that missed classes will make them up at the end of the year, which will now end on Dec. 19 rather than Dec. 4. Students in the rest of the country, unaffected by the earthquakes, will finish classes on Dec. 4.

Nicaragua remains on maximum alert for earthquakes, though the seismic activity appears to be lessening in recent days.


  • brinniewales

    They miss over a month of classes and going to make up the missed school by going only 2 week more. They are already so far behind, why not make up all they missed?

  • Ben

    There are some intelligent & vibrant young minds out there. One has to agree with brinniewales that 2 weeks to replace 4 weeks of safety and study ….is too harsh on the community. But…watering those plants – instead of placing stones upon their heads…will be far more worthwhile.