Chinese concessionaires announce Nicaraguan canal route

proposed canal route
government website El19

proposed canal route

(posted July 7, 7:30 pm) — Chinese company HKND today announced the proposed route of it’s 278 kilometer canal across Nicaragua, which will extend from the Río Punta Gorda on the Caribbean Coast to Brito on the Pacific coast.

The proposed $50 billion canal, which would cross a 105 KM swath of Lake Cocibolca, would be between 230-250 meters wide and between 26.7-30 meters deep. The megaproject would also include the flooding of a new artificial lake on the Caribbean side, according to the plans.

The privately owned and operated project, which promises to create 50,000 jobs during construction and 200,000 permanent jobs afterwards, is scheduled to break ground at the end of this year, although nothing is known about the company’s plans to finance the project — nearly four times greater than Nicaragua’s economy.

  • metalmulisha

    I still don’t believe this is happening. A few guys (Ortega for sure) are getting rich from the consultancy fees. That is all.

  • Pepe Turcon

    In Nicaragua there is a wise local saying that goes like….”se la metieron con vaselina” in other words the only thing useful in all this is the Vaseline. I hope those attending those paid in advertisement sessions had some Vaseline with them….

  • RightSide Guide

    I think the chinese got their maps mixed up.

    The Caribbean side exits at Punta Gorda, just south of Punta Aguila. Punta Aguila is home to some of the last remaining Rama Indian speakers, Mr. Pedro and Christine and their oldest kids. I have been there a few times…the only river that exits there is Cane Creek.

    Punta Gorda river is about half the size of the Escondido which feeds Bluefields Bay. Still pretty big. It’s just farms, creole and mestizo, along its banks. All of that land is territory of the Rama Kriol…most of which I believe aren’t too keen on having their territory, which is currently being invaded, slashed and burned by mestizo colonists, cut in half by the chinese/nica governments.

    I would be interested to hear from the people whose lives this will directly impact.

  • Alfonso Bodoyeau

    I don’t believe this for a minute. First, if the new canal were to take all of the business from the Panama canal it still would not break even. 880,000,000 for 45 years is not 50 billion. Second this canal will take 2 more days to transit than the Panama canal. Third, the US oil miracle means less ocean going traffic not more. The US will not have enough to export but will be importing a lot less. Even today only low value products go by the Panama Canal so there is no upside pressure. Anything with a lot of value goes coast to coast by train because that only takes 6 days whereas this canal alone will take 4 to 6 days while the Panama takes 2. I could go on for hours. We have not even gotten into the environmental impact.

  • Sulross1

    It’s not about the money it’s about the Russians and Chinese navies having an access point as far as Ortega and the rest they don’t realize they are selling their sovereignty down the drain just like the U.S.

  • commonsensecanadian

    What happened to the environmental assessment that was supposed to be done on this? And 200,000 permanent jobs? Yeah, right.