Nicaraguan man found guilty in Colclough murder

A Nicaraguan repeat offender with a criminal rap sheet that includes rape and robbery was found guilty today of the murder and robbery of U.S. church volunteer Karen Colclough, 37, whose body was found April 14 a quarter of a mile north of the Hotel Barceló Montelimar. She had been missing for three days.

Fernando Antonio Aburto Reyes, known by the street name “Somosón,” was found guilty today in a Nicaraguan court of femicide, aggravated assault and rape, according to La Prensa.

The newspaper reports that Prosecutor Belissa Martínez said there was sufficient documented proof and witness testimony to finger Aburto as the author of the crime. She is asking for the maximum sentence of 30 years, according to La Prensa. Aburto’s prison sentence will be handed down July 11.

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