Nicaraguan police nab 4 after massacre

Mysterious self-proclaimed contra groups claims responsibility for attack

photos posted by FASN-EP on Facebook of alleged bullet holes in bus they claim to have attacked this morning, killing 5

photos posted by FASN-EP on Facebook of alleged bullet holes inbus they claim to have attacked this morning, killing 5

(posted July 20, 6:00 pm) — Nicaraguan police have detained four suspects who are being questioned for their alleged role in this morning’s massacre of five people in coordinated assaults on two buses in Matagalpa.

Nicaraguan Police Chief Aminta Granera said four suspects have been taken into custody for questioning. She did not say who the suspects were, or what their alleged motivation was.

Meanwhile, an unknown self-proclaimed rearmed contra group calling itself the Armed Forces for National Salvation- Army of the People (FASN-EP) has claimed responsibility for the attack on social media. The group, which was unknown before today, and claims it will fight state terrorism with terrorism of its own, said “We have no reason to fear the oppressor.” The group, whose alleged membership is unknown, claims that Sunday’s attack is “just an example of the operations we have coordinated on a national level.”

It’s not clear who FASN-EP is, whether they are real or responsible for the attack. Other alleged contra groups consulted today by The Nicaragua Dispatch distanced themselves from the massacre.

A group called the URN, which claims to be the largest rebel group operating in Nicaragua, said it thinks the Sandinistas orchestrated the attacks to justify a “massive military offensive” into the mountains of Nicaragua to eliminate ensconced contra fighters.


  • Pepe Turcon

    Surely many will rejoice at the event. They will argue…they had it coming. War is horrific but it’s a consequence and first and foremost the Ortega Murillo clique is responsible.
    Attacks like this one plus a few car bombs in Granada or Guacalito and the whole Ortega show keeps moving to hell.
    The situation in Nicaragua is not about to improve but on the contrary.
    The difficult road towards democracy it’s not a flip the coin choice but the only less destructive road to take. As I believe Mr. Churchill said something to that effect once.
    Earthquakes, drought and all economic indicators (as stated by Bayardo Arce last week) all show a very dark future. To many Nica believers, it’s God giving Nica a hand. Just like He did in Egypt once with the plagues….

    • James O Sullivan

      It’s why I left Nicaragua. It is a time bomb ready to explode sooner rather than later.

      • Alessandra Mondadori

        I am already 50% out…

      • Tony Lafayette.

        Where did you leave to?

  • RJP

    The weird thing about the page they posted on facebook and the pictures that were posted by “FASN-EP” is that no one but the sandinistas themselves could’ve taken them. Its not the first time they kill someone and make it seem as if it was the “enemy”.. it will be interesting to see what they come up with next as a result of this “attack”

  • Erick Espinoza

    The victims were civilians, They are truly cowards. I feel like joining a militia group to hunt them.

    • Carla Chamorro

      Did you know that during the last Great War some 70 million were “civilians”? Or maybe they where “enemy civilians”? like the 1.2 million children killed in Hamburg by American made incendiary bombs by “mothers” in say….Wichita Kansas or….Dayton, Ohio? C’mon.: La guerre c’est la guerre.

      • Erick Espinoza

        So killing you will be “just war”. p.s your numbers are a bit off. C’mom!

  • Ken Morris

    The Ortega-Murillo regime may bend and even break rules, possibly even to the point of ordering an assassination, but I can’t believe that they would indiscriminately kill their own nobody supporters. Neither do I believe that they would do so to justify a massive military offensive in the mountains, since if they wanted to do that, they would just do it. So the notion that this is a self-inflicted Sandinista assaut is nonsense. Someone else is responsible.

    And it’s doubly tragic, once for the victims and secondly for the political culture. The absolute only way for Nicaragua to come out of the Ortega-Murillo era in good shape is to strengthen civil society, public institutions, and the rule of law. Any act of terrorism sets the country back.

    Pepe is wrong to say that “they had it coming” (even though he attributes this opinion to others). This kind of eye-for-an-eye thinking will only perpetuate the brutality and corruption, no matter who is in charge. The only viable solution is for everyone to abandon this romantic fantasy of heroic liberators coming down from the mountains to save the people through violence and replace it with the tougher, steadier work of building the institutions and culture that enable a democracy to thrive.

    • Alessandra Mondadori

      Hey Ken…maybe you are new to Nica and/or Central America. It all started long ago and Ortega blew it during the 80’s then thanks to Ronald Reagan (Yes a Republican from California who went to Eureka College!!) the Communists were defeated and had to accept elections. Violeta Chamorro won and the Nicas wanted to give democracy (the path to) a chance but again Ortega literally and physically stole the show. This is how they created the current circumstances or the eventual Colombianization of Nica. Terrorism is cool nowadays, it’s the way to go! Just look how Obama is using little poor kids at the border.

      • Ken Morris

        Correction! Ortega didn’t blow it during the 1980s, the Sandinistas weren’t communists, and they also accepted elections (which Ortega won). Our Eureka College man and his henchmen systematically, devilishly, and illegally destoyed Nicaragua then. Chamorro won primarily because of a massive US campaign to make her win, a campaign that included the invasion of Panama on the eve of the election (when Ortega was polling far ahead of Chamorro). It has zero to do with Nicas wanting democracy, quite the opposite. Then Chamorro was a disastrous president, turning most state affairs over to a crooked assistant, and the US-supported presidents since her were no better. I have no idea what you mean by the Colombianization of Nica or by terrorism being cool, but can assure you that Obama is NOT using the poor kids at the border. Maybe I’m new to Nica and/or Central America, but I have to ask: Are you new to the planet? I mean, there are newspapers and such most earth-dwellers can google. It’s fine with me to disagree, and I perfectly understand why people don’t like Ortega, but facts kind of are facts.

    • Carla Chamorro

      You mean via the construct of democratic institutions? Guess…if you do the opposite then probably you would have it coming dear Ken.