Viva #35veces19, Carajo!

For those who missed #35veces19, here’s your @nicadispatch recap:

js19Jesus comes first. Christ and God. We’re all Christians. Oscar Duarte has indigenous blood. His grandmother was a Sandinista mayor. Rosario whispers in Daniel’s ear, then sits down. Then stands up again. Then sits. Nicaragua is Christian, Socialist and in-Solidarity. It’s in the new constitution, so it must be true. Rosario stands, whispers something to Daniel, waves, then sits.

Fog machine!

Costa Rica is our sister nation. Evo has indigenous blood. Hello, Rigoberta (welcome back — what is this, your fourth year in a row? That’s great, have a seat). And how about #BronzeChavez! Viva Chávez, Carajo!

Shout out to Vinicio Cerezo, who was brave when the yanquis didn’t want him to be. Mel Zelaya still wears a cowboy hat because that’s what he does. Brief nods to Honduras’ other two presidents since the coup. Scattered applause for Juan Orlando Hernandez. President Sanchez is here too!

Nicolas! Nicolas! Nicolas! He’s the son of Chávez, you know.

Old Cuban man stands up, barley, and waves. Viva Palestine! Viva Sandino!

Cue music and fireworks. Rosario wants last word, but we can’t hear her over music and fireworks.

Everyone find the bus you came on.

The end.


  • Hector Danilo Ortiz Lopez

    Hahahahaha… Best recap ever…!! But u missed the #SelfieTime… Totally Hilarious…!! 😀

  • Pepe Turcon

    Perfect Tim! And all for a $50,000.00 Rolex watch for his kiddie Laureano. Long live the US Greenback!

  • Circles Robinson

    That was fun reading Tim!

  • Nancy Bergman

    Hey, you forgat to mention that all TV programs were blocked by Claro except the coverage of the Sandanista celebrations!

  • RightSide Guide

    Er, was that Venezuelan president Maduro I saw in between getting my pockets picked? Don’t forget to mention him.