Nicaragua’s D’Escoto says mass after 29 years

photo-13Sandinista priest Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, a close advisor to President Daniel Ortega, said his first Mass in 29 years this week after Pope Francis reinstated his priestly ministry.

D’Escoto, a Maryknoll priest, was suspended from his priestly duties by Pope John Paul II in 1985 for refusing to renounce his position in the revolutionary Sandinista government. Three decades later, the Sandinista priest wrote a letter to the Vatican asking permission to celebrate Mass again “before dying,” according to the National Catholic Reporter.

D’Escoto, 81, is suffering from failing health. The Nicaragua Dispatch tried to contact D’Escoto this week by phone, but was told by his live-in assistant that he can no longer use the phone due to deafness.

Despite his age, D’Escoto, who continues to hold the honorary title of Foreign Minister, remains an ideological firebrand who doesn’t miss a chance to rail against the U.S. government and Israel. In 2007, D’Escoto was — oddly enough — asked by the government of Muammar Gaddafi to be the Libyan Representative to the UN. A year later, he became the President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Similar to Trappist poet and priest Ernesto Cardenal, who was suspended from the Church at the same time and for the same reasons, at no time in his life did D’Escoto ever cease his political activism. Yet unlike Cardenal, who has shown no interest in being reinstated by the Vatican, D’Escoto asked for a second chance.

According to a press release from the New York-based Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, “The Holy Father has given his benevolent assent that Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann be absolved from the canonical censure inflicted upon him, and entrusts him to the superior general of the institute [Maryknoll] for the purpose of accompanying him in the process of reintegration into the ministerial priesthood.”

  • Mr.Alfam

    What a disgusting scene.A noted homosexual degenerate marxist .He will rot in the 9th circle of Dante’s inferno.Maybe the Argentinian will join him.

  • Ken Morris

    Gotta like Pope Francis.

  • Allan Daniel

    Francis believes in giving the devil his due.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Francis is bringing much chaos to Catholicism.

    Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann suspension should not have been lifted.

    Shame on Francis he attacks good traditional priests and traditionalist religious orders BUT welcomes the liberals and apostates into the Church.

    Shame on Francis!!

  • What’s Happening

    Political issues aside, there is enough in this picture to raise questions/concern. It would appear that the occasion of the Mass was a funeral or memorial: the flowers, what looks like an urn on the table, balanced by a photo, presumably of the deceased. Interesting that the concelebrant is vested in alb and stole, while the celebrant is in street clothes. Hopefully, his superior will remind him that in the course of the years of his inactivity, some things haven’t changed, and that he, once again, has the privileged responsibility of celebrating the Church’s liturgy… as the Church celebrates it.

  • David Manthei

    I’m confused as to how some of the comments on this page turned into slants against Pope Francis. I get it, that it’s a traditional site with like-minded traditionalist, but why the stones thrown at the Pope. The article says very clearly that Pope Francis entrusted the Priest (and his re-integration back into the Priesthood) to his superior. Was that the wrong thing to do? It is the Priest who erred, not the Pope. And it was the Pope who gave him a second chance, and as long as he hold the office of the Papacy, I believe he has every right and authority to give that chance, does he not (Mt 16:17-19)?
    It does seem reasonable that we should expect to know of some retraction, by the Priest, of his former political views. But does it also not seem reasonable that we don’t have all the details, and that the Pope is within his reason to assume the best of the Priest in cases of doubt (CCC2477-2478)?