24 questions for Nicaragua’s government

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While Sandinista authorities huddle to come up with an explanation for Saturday night’s mysterious explosion in Managua, here are 24 other mysteries we’d like clarified:

1) What really happened to the Air Force helicopter that crashed in June, 2013, killing 10 officers?

2) What really happened during the deadly ambush on July 19, 2014?

3) Who killed Yahob and Pablo Negro?

4) Who killed Alexis Arguello?

5) De donde salió Wang Jing?

6) What happened to the Costanera?

7) What happened to Antenor RosalesAlberto Guevara, and Mario Salinas?

8) Where does Daniel Ortega go?

11) Who really won the 2008 election for Mayor of Managua?

12) What dirt does the government have on Padre Eslaquit?

13) Why did el Gran Putín visit Managua last July, and what’s Russia’s real interest in Nicaragua?

14) How much does Roberto Rivas cost?

15) Why does Nicaragua still have a National Assembly, a Supreme Court or a Comptroller General?

16) Will Laureano finally release a CD of all the Christmas/Purisima classics?

17) What happened to the first lady’s campaign “vivir lindo, vivir bonito, vivir limpio, vivir cristiano, vivir feliz, vivir #noseque”?

18) What happened to the JS-19 ecological brigade defending the Rio San Juan?

19) Seriously, where does Daniel Ortega go when he disappears for days on end?

20) What is Nicaragua Airways, and what happened to it?

21) What happened to the “Supreme Dream of Bolívar” oil refinery? (Not to mention ALBA’s plans to build a regasification plant, a fertilizer plant, two aluminum-production plants, a factory to produce industrial bags, 200,000 homes, two engineering universities, an ALBA airlines and an ALBA baseball league)

22) What’s up with those metallic, yellow curlicue trees that are sucking up energy in Managua?

23) What happened with the Nicaraguan medical students who were sent home from Venezuela without finishing their degrees?

24) Why did…nah, forget it.

Bonus questions:

25) What happened to questions 9 and 10 on this list? (apparently I count worse than Roberto Rivas does — can I get a job accompanying the CSE in the next elections?)

26) What happened to the Commission on Peace and Reconciliation? Is their work done?

27) When is the government going to get serious about respecting and protecting women’s rights? (The ban on therapeutic abortion is a disgrace, the reglamentos to Law 779 are a joke, and the government counts only 18 femicides this year while the Network of Women Against Violence report 47.)


  • http://www.aleydasolis.com/ Aleyda Solis

    haha – Great questions! Here’s another one that summarizes the rest as well as the current Nicaragua situation with Ortega: Why do you still call Nicaragua a “democracy” when there’s no transparency, no accountability, no real voice or representation of people’s interest and you do whatever you want and uses the state resources as if they were your own? What a disgrace.

  • Kelvin Marshall

    Meanwhile on another thread Niall thinks that the goverment is forthcoming on information!!

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  • Octavio Gutierrez
    • toplel

      Oh gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8!!!

  • Ken Morris

    Isn’t the convention to post 95 questions? Or did the Sandinistas pass a labor law that allows reporters to get by with only a couple dozen, depending upon how accurately they are counted?

    PS. I would like an answer to 14, and to keep it simple I’ll be content with a financial accounting. “Cost” understood in terms of the damage done to Nicaragua’s political process doesn’t have a price tag.