Residents, tourists fail to save beached whale

Beached whale on Popoyo
courtesy/ Joanne Armstrong

Beached whale on Popoyo

(Posted Nov 15, 12:00) — Residents and tourists working together were unable to save a beached blue whale on Popoyo Beach, which was discovered on Friday morning.

Video by Xiomara Diaz.

The female whale was an estimated 18 meters long. Dozens of Nicaraguans and foreigners worked throughout the day, evening and into this morning trying to save the whale, but they were unable to push it back to deeper water.

Dozens of people tried to saved the doomed whale.
Photo by Joanne Armstrong

Dozens of people tried to saved the doomed whale.

  • Brigitte Driss

    and then what append ????

  • simplyfantabulous

    This is a lot of dead meat to deal with, and given the prevailing temperatures, the quicker the better. I would limit my seafood orders to shellfish if I were passing through Popoyo over the next few days.