Too bad graffiti doesn’t come with spell check

The following is a public service announcement from The Nicaragua Dispatch. We know that spelling is hard, and it’s hot outside, but if you’re going to go out tagging the walls of Managua to protest the Chinese canal this week, it’s worth getting your message straight before you shake the spray paint can.

Take the following unfortunate incident.

1. Viva Nicagua! No al Canal!

"Viva Nicagua! No al canal, jodidos!"

2. Psst! Umm excuse me, señorita…

Graf 2

3. I think you misspelled Nicaragua.

Graf 3

4. A la gran…let me fix this.

Graf 4


5. Como era? c..a.g..g..r..a…

Graf 5


6. Bueno, ahora si.  Viva Nicarggar Jodidos!

Graf 6

  • Lorenzo Muller

    The country of Ruben Dario, indeed.

  • EagleEye

    I am a bit confused by this public service announcement. For one, the Nicas it is meant to reach (low-middle class) will not be reading this due to lack of a computer or internet. In the case that they do have access to a computer, they may not speak english. There may be other factors that would make it almost impossible for them to read this. Secondly, writing a public service announcement based on only one incident (aka the same photographs) is not very convincing. The larger issue I have with this article is that it does a major disservice to those who have chosen to use graffiti as a sign of protest. A more interesting and worthwhile article would have been to analyze how exactly Nicas have chosen to creatively protest under the government’s watch through the use of graffiti and other mechanisms that are deemed “illegal” in this country. Another disservice as a consequence of this article is that gringos who have a reduced knowledge of what our country is (and who we are )will read this (as the majority of readers of this news source are Americans) and say “oh they must all be illiterate”, using the same kind of generalization made in this article. This attitude has already been exemplified by the previous commentator who sarcastically wrote “The country of Ruben Dario, indeed”. I don’t see why we are perpetuating this mockery of the writing abilities of our own people. Any form of illiteracy is not amusing nor funny. If the intent by the Nicaragua Dispatch is to help protesters get their message across more efficiently, then do so by using in-depth storytelling and show your readers who are the faces of the anti-canal movement today. Just a suggestion.

    • Shasta Darling

      “Middle class Nicaraguans don’t have access to internet or computers” LOL I must be a ghost, and so must be all my friends and family in Nicaragua, who own computers, have internet and have graduated from bilingual schools in Managua. Please inform yourself before making such ignorant assumptions.

    • Ken Morris

      I think you may be overreacting. This seems an attempt at humor, not really a public service announcement, and especially given the second misspelling of “Nicaragua,” I at least find it mildly funny. To construe it as poking fun at illiteracy strikes me as a stretch. Even the most literacy-challenged Nica grafitti artists can usually spell phonetically, but the initial mistake isn’t phonetic. It’s to leave out a syllable and therefore only a screw up. I think Tim is just having a little fun with a few photos.

      However, I welcome the spirit of your criticism, just think this isn’t an instance where they should be applied.

    • brinniewales

      EagleEye, Give it a rest. It’s just funny. The woman is confident enough with her literacy to tag a wall. She should at least know how to spell the name of her own country.

  • Josue Barr

    The girl had to work fast, if she is caught by the Sandinista Police she will be in trouble.

    • Nicaman

      There is a policeman who is clearly visible on some of the photographs. He doesn’t seem to care much about what’s going on.

  • Pepe Turcon

    The canal “thing” is not between China and Nicaragua, it’s between Ortega the Mafia Capo and Nicaragua.

    Anger rises as Nicaragua canal breaks ground: ‘(It’s) like a fight between a tied-up burro and a loose tiger’

    • Erik Jota

      Aha, Foxnews, gatekeepers of the Truth…

    • Brian

      You speak the truth as always, Pepe.

      • Carla Chamorro

        Agree and thanks God for common sense.


    Fucking asshole yankee go home!!

    • Erik Jota

      I really admire your fresh and original views. And you have a beautiful name.

    • Brian

      Sounds like your name tells much truth about your nature.

  • 38

    I think this website should apologize for such an embarrassing attitude towards a citizen. So, discussing about orthography will replace the political discussion? And the most important: Do you have the right to expose her identity without her permission? NicaraguaDispatch, Please answer this last question

    • billfred

      Oh please! If a man did this you wouldn’t be concerned about “exposing his identity”, would you?

    • Brian

      I think you should apologize for your lack of a sense of humor and your imperious nature, 38.

  • Sanctia Sanctussa

    I guess the someone doesn’t have an access to the
    internet 😀

  • itaia

    Alright – let’s give us your real message: Without “American help” – Nicas just can’t do anything really well!

  • Brian

    I am offended that several trolls have attacked the great Tim Rodgers and his fantastic creation, the Nicaragua Dispatch for posting a funny little piece about the silly side of life in Nicaragua. Those who are offended by Tim’s wit are being intentionally ignorant and inventing an insult where non exists. Italia is clearly a bigot.

  • Marzz

    Hey. Maybe she really likes nicaraguan water.
    Or, holding her bowel movements.