Watch Nicaraguan student challenge Sandinista canal rep in Spain

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Nicaraguan canal spokesman Telemaco Talavera seems to have inadvertently admitted that the Sandinista government doesn’t know the exact route of a $50 billion canal that will bisect Nicaragua.

During a confrontation with a Nicaraguan student studying abroad in Madrid, Talavera refuted her claim that 60,000 campesinos will be affected by the canal, saying “That means someone has the route more clearly defined than we do.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.53.46 PMNicaraguan university student Alejandra Espinoza today challenged Talavera about the “enormous concerns” in Nicaragua over unanswered questions about the “social, political, economic and environmental affects” of the $50 billion Chinese canal planned in Nicaragua. In doing so, she presented Talavera with a bundle of papers that she said contained “more than 60,000 signatures of people who will be affected” by the canal. The stack of papers also included copies of the 32 constitutional challenges filed on behalf of 182 Nicaraguans opposed to the canal project.

Talavera answered with thinly veiled indignation, saying that he welcomes Espinoza’s opinion because dissent is welcome in a democracy. But he insisted that the 60,000 number is wrong, unless, of course, someone understands the canal route better than he does. (So far, however, Talavera hasn’t demonstrated that he has an entirely clear grasp on the canal path either).

Talavera said that Espinoza was right that the canal would have a “great social impact” on the country in that it will create jobs and “more resources for education, health and infrastructure.”

He note that 61% of Nicaraguans are in favor of the canal, and insisted — with a slightly reddening face — that the Chinese canal will have a “positive net effect” on the environment.

  • itaia

    Reese Erlich has published a very long and balanced article about the Nicaragua canal in VICE. The legal “challenges” are routine against ALL national development projects in every “independent” nation (meaning not under control of the USA or NATO). In the U.S. and NATO nations no “challenges” are really possible: U.S. Congress just voted for the 1,700 mile Keystone XL pipeline which will pump daily 800,000 barrels of tar-oil crude from Canada across the American heartland to Houston, right across the 400,000 km2 water aquifer that provides water to 30% of U.S. agriculture. There a hundreds of legal challenges against this pipeline: In the USA this means nothing, Obama will veto – but in the end the pipeline will be forced by Congress, —– As for expropriation of private property – read about “Kelo vs. City of New London”, the famous “Kelo decision” (2005) which was approved by U.S. Supreme Court: U.S. Federal law permits expropriation (Eminent Domain) also if the objective is ECONOMIC IMPROVEMENT OF THE AREA, INCREASED TAX REVENUE BASE, CREATES EMPLOYMENT: ALSO IF THE DEVELOPER IS A PRIVATE COMPANY. In this case, private homes in New London were expropriated to make space for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Laboratory. Mrs, Kelo lost her land and her house was moved from the location. In the end Pfizer did not build the laboratory and the land is now a trash dump on which still sits the debris of the hurricane that hit New England two years ago. The Nicaragua canal project will have many challenges – legal as well as from subversive operations. The Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in Brazil is nearing completion after having been burdened by dozens of laws suits and many subversive operations by U.S. and NATO European NGOS. Just this week the latest law suit was dismissed by a judge as being a “repetition” of previous lawsuits that had already been denied. You can see the names of some of the U.S. NGOs involved in attempting to prevent the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam: Brazil’s small national domestic intelligence agency leaked an analysis to the media – it is in the internet under: CONVERSA AFIADA ABIN ONGS. Although in Nicaragua – the operations against the canal are primarily by German and Swiss NGOs and the Danish NGO “IBIS” which manipulates and finances the violent resistance, siimilar to its operation in Bolivia against the Tipnis road. Bolivia expelled “IBIS” in 2013 for conspiracy. Notice the most prominently quoted opponent against the canal is a controversial German professor (Alex W.) in the Konstanz/Germany. His field is evolutionary biology: “nuclear gene phylology in narrow mouthed toads”…

  • Marwinyah Peazo

    The U.S. and NATO European NGOs failed in Africa. The Chinese didn’t copy their model but instead built roads, schools, stadiums, hospitals etc. for the people to see and use. Thank you.

  • Pepe Turcon

    Pathetic is the only reference I can find but deeper shows the motives behind the whole of Ortega’s never ending bad taste joke he is and represents.
    With the end of Chavismo and no petrodollars Ortega is lost and the only available way to prosper or Institutional government had to be taken apart for his joke to survive. The only thing left was to come with another joke, the Chinese canal.
    Watch this man in the video and you will realize all of the above is the axiomatic truth.
    Conclusion? The end of Ortega is close, closer than you think.

  • itaia

    The stress and strain comes with all large development projects everywhere – as now in the USA the 1,700 miles tar-oil crude pipeline that will pump 800,000 barrels of toxic sludge from Canada to Texas across heartland America and the largest aquifer in North America, 400,000 km2, that supplies 30% of the water for all U.S. Agriculture (also several Native American reservations). Possibly hundreds of law suits havee been filed and will be filed. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested. But U.S. Congress has now approved it, also acting on the de facto approval by the U.S. Department of State (whose Embassy in Managua is “concerned about the environmental impact of 172 mile canal across Nicaragua….) . Kelo versus City of New London, was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005: In essence – if the government decides that expropriation benefits the economy, then the government has the right to expropriate, even if the beneficiary is a private corporation. If the U.S. can build and expropriate for a 1,7000 pipeline across the USA, then Nicaragua can build and expropriate for a 172 mile canal across Nicaragua. There will be many law suits against the canal, all financed from the USA, Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Finland – via NGOs “to protect the environment”. “for the rights of indigenous communities”, “to help campesinos”… Most will be coordinated by the lead NGO, the Danish “IBIS” and its legal advisor MONICA LOPEZ BALTODANO, with guidance from her mother MONICA BALTODANO, who is the link to other foreign NGOs – like the “Rosa Luxemburg Foundation” a fake “leftist” subversive operation financed by the German Federal Goverment, which also finances “IBIS”. The mother was up in Mexico City on Aug. 12. 2013 to confer with the fake foundation German agent TORGE LOEDING. The “Rosa Luxemburg Foundation” has also branchs headed by German agenst in New York (to compromise the U.S. Left) Quito, Ecuador (to subvert against Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela) and in Sao Paulo. Brazil (to also subvert in Paraguay, Argentina and Chile). The “new contras”since the 1990’s come disguised aus “European leftists”, or defenders of the environment and the indigenous. But the money comes from the same “interests”: The $ 10 donations by kind-hearted are not amounting to the BILLIONS that are pumped into 30,000+ international NGOs with a staff of 140,000. Irene Khan the General Secretary of Amnesty International made $200,000 salary a year, and in order to get rid off her, they paid her another $ 500,000 “going-away bonus” under a SECRET AGREEMENT.

    • itaia

      Correction: Monica Baltodano was in the “Fundacion Rosa Luxemburg” in Mexico City on October 22.2014 and apparently not on Aug. 12.2013. The FRL is the “Linke” (Left Party) of Germany, which like other political parties of Germany operates fake “foundations” with agencies in many nations. The fake “foundations” all have a small closed insider membership and are financed by the German Federal Government. Germany is ocupied by 60,000 U.S. military and thousands of U.S. agents, thus Germany is not an independent nation, and foreign affairs are fully “coordinated” by the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. The chairman of the “Linke” (Left Party) went secretly to talk to U.S. Ambassaor Murphy in the U.S. Embassy in Berlin in 2009 to assure the U.S. that only he, Gregor Gysi is responsible for the foreign operations of the “Linke” which of course operates in Latin America as “Fundacion Rosa Luxemburg”. (see “wikipedia gregor gysi”). Their function is to organize radical leftists against the elected leftist governments in order to scare the political center towards the right and towards “security cooperation” with the U.S. – You got that ?

      • juancho

        talk about conspiracy theorists. how do you sleep at night without fear of your home being invaded by fake, leftist ngo operatives who will kidnap and brainwash you?

        it boggles my mind that there exist non-iliterate people who actually defend things like this ridiculous, land grab canal project. while you have no trouble talking/slinging crap at the us and europe, you conveniently ignore the whoretega/jing open and notorious violations of the constitution and the failure to even attempt to conduct the process in a transparent manner.

        sure, the new london decision is insane. yet, the process was open and transparent–the polar opposite of whoretega/jing’s fiasco.

        more importantly, in the aftermath of the ultimately failed redevelopment plan, laws were changed–both state and federal–to restrict such takings in the future.

        do you think whoretega/jing’s regime or the sorry-ass excuses for judges and legislators in nicaragua will ever attempt to do such a thing? right! why bother? when your judges declare the constitution itself “unconstitutional, nothing means anything.

        • itaia

          Well, this is an improvement over the primitive babble by “Pepe”. CID Gallup is a public opinion poll organization founded by “Ticos” in Costa Rica 1977, and has branches in all nations of Central America to conduct surveys for commercial and news organizations. This month, CID Gallup published a public opinion survery based on the standard opinion poll model of diversified 1,200+ interviewed. Nicaraguans responded: Like the government ? 41% very much, 21% somewhat, 17% little, 17% not. Pro or contra the Sandinistas ? 51% pro, 41% undecided, 6% pro PLC or PLI. Personalities: 71% like Aminta Granera the sociologist who is director of the national police, Rosa Murillo 70% like, Daniel Ortega 68% like, Leopolod Brenes (Cardinal) 53% like, Eduardo Montealegre (prominent oppositionist) 14% like. The canal will be constriucted ? 43% will be, 39% maybe, 18% doubt. Of course U.S. Americans and Europeans stationed in Nicaragua may have different opinions and the they free to express them. —- Kelo versus City of New London remains the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, just like “Citizens United”, and both impose policies that express the national position. The Federal Government directs U.S. International Relations and both Kelo and Citizens United are implications for all those nations (make that 150+) that have to “cope” with U.S. “full spectrum global control”. As for “conspiracy” simply read the intercepted cable “wikileaks gregor gysi” and interpret what was the real intention and message conveyed by the Chairman of Germany’s “Left Party” during this clandestine visit to the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. The “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung” is the German “Left Party” and Rosalux gets financed each year by the German Federal Government (2011, $ 40 million), because it is NOT a foundation by an association (e. V.) of 100 members. All German parties have “foundations” financed by the German Federal Government and all “foundations” have branches in various foreign nations with the mission the “influence” and if possible “help with regime change” when ordered. The Latin Americans still have not understood that since the 1990’s – Europeans are used for the “full spectrum global control” because they arouse no suspicion. Now Ecuador (whose president has a PH.D. in economics from U. Illinois) has “reduced” the U.S. and well as the German “influence” in Ecuador.

          • itaia

            Correction: The “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung”( which is the German “Left” Party” active in Central America as “Fundacion Rosa Luxemburg” from Mexico City, received from the German Government in 2011 only about $ 15 million. All German party “foundations” are fake – they are only “associations” (e.V.) for a limited number of insiders. The “Konrad Adenauer Foundation” of the CDU/CSU receives almost $ 400 million a year: Its worldwide mission is the “expansion of NATO” (now into the South Atlantic-South America-Africa: Plan “Break the Atlantic-divide).

          • juancho

            improvement? yeah. and at least my post is not 50% plagiarized. so in your mind, a poll of roughly 1200 in a country of over 5,000,000 is valid. good for you. where did they go to poll folks? on the street? in the rotundas? what was the cross-section of the population? i don’t need pollsters to tell me that the average, ignorant nica on the street, who has maybe a 3rd grade education, will respond that she/he is in favor of the whoretega regime. frankly, if a stranger approached me on the street in managua and asked me, i would flat out lie and swear eternal allegiance to the frente! lest i be deemed persona non grata and deported or arrested on some trumped up charge.

            by the way, what is your point? that euros are leftists? wow, what an incredible discovery!!!

          • itaia

            Polls of that type in the USA (such a Pew) use the same standard 1,200+ individuals. Look up the CID Gallup group in the internet with information about their polls. They are Costaricans and founded the organization in 1977. You seem to have a simplistic mentality, as shown about your statements about “ignorant nicas” and “euro-lefstists”.

          • juancho

            sure an if you’ve ever studied statistics you know how notoriously unreliable such “pools” are. i could care less who CID’s founders are. It’s their methodology that sucks. statistics are like light poles to a drunk–used for support but never illumination.

            as for your ad hominem attack on me, you just lost what little credibility you had.

            nicaraguan education is pathetic to say the least. in the 11 years of expereince i have in-country, i’ve experienced first hand how little the average nica comprehends about her/his own country. rather, they spew television, sound byte propaganda as fact, as history, as their raison d’etre. rather than asking the overly simplistic question of whether they thing whoretega is good, they avoid asking why the polled persons think he’s good. rather than asking concrete questions

            about what specifically the “buen gobierno” has done so bueno, they simply ask if the person thinks the buen gobierno is bueno.

            you also completely discount the very real fear of speaking poorly about the buen gobierno. ask some older folks what happened back in the 80’s when you spoke out. with whoretega’s CPC’s and medical brigadas roaming the country asking questions, do you really think everyone on the street is gonna say what they really feel?

          • itaia

            TELL US ALL why you continue to reside in Nicaragua. If you are not Nicaraguan, evidently you can “go back home”, and if you are Nicaraguan: If you are as bright as you represent yourself, why not seek a more adequate venue for your life ? A clever indivdual like you should be able to figure out how to live anywhere suitable on this planet! This blog seems popular among “unsatisfied” U.S. Americans who seem not to have a compelling reasons to reside in Nicaragua, yet evidently enjoy it that much to keep living in Nicaragua. Those ex-pats seem unhappy with Orgeta in Nicaragua and unhappy with Obama in the USA, and evidently they also would not be happy in Costa Rica, otherwise they would reside there. . How about Miami: It’s hot and humid, and they don’t like Ortega and they don’t like Obama.

          • juancho

            lots of ass-umptions there and no answers. stop answering my questions with irrelevancies and more questions. that is IF you have ANY answers…

          • Brian

            You are a classic bigot, itaia. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • itaia

    Pst ! Don’t look now – or take first a very deep breath! While the “folks” get ” all the news that they deserve” – the real news is circulated to those “who need to know” . Those who need to know followed what U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Walter Bastian reportedly may have said those who need to know in Managua, during his visit last year in July, 2014: “…commented, the U.S. Government might be willing to assist ( ?) in the canal project and would for the time (?) pursue the idea if the PRIVATE SECTOR expresses interest”. (Now this may not be entirely accurately related.) Then he seemed to have predicated the attidute of the U.S. Government on the settlement of property claims by U.S. citizens – not only going back to the post 1980 Sandinista era, but also those pending from after 1990 (when the Sandinistas where not the governing party). This could involve thousands of claims and substantial sums, perhaps even Somoza property claimed by their descendants in Miami. — Obviously – the PRIVATE SECTOR in NICARAGUA and in the THE UNITED STATES – and in the United States does not seem to oppose the canal and obviously is ALREADY and would be one of the prime beneficiaries of the construcrion phase of the canal as well as one of its primary beneficiaries – due to the economic advantages of the construction expenditures as well as the demand of services during the construction and on an ongoing basis after the canal is functioning as a major transport advantage for the United States for mega shipping capacity and a shorter route to Asia. If this were not enough – one report published a few days ago quotes Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta Jacobson: “…even Robert Jacobson said that the canal was a business opportunity” . In fact she was quoted as saying even more, but there is no assurance that she indeed may have even mentioned it as “a business opportunity”. Jacobson is now in Havana/Cuba negotiating the normalization between the Obama administration and the Cuban government. The U.S. agricultural lobby is really pushing for ending the embargo: Up till now all those years they were not bound by the embargo- only the limites that Cuba could pay. Look up JOHN PARKE WRIGHT IV – the Florida cattle baron – he has exported cattle to Cuba since 2000 and is a friend of the “old” Castro – the older brother of Fidel – “Ramon the cattleman” . Fidel’s son Alex Castro the photographer for the National Ballet was quoted anwering the question: “Is McDonald and Coco Cola going to be in Cuba ?” He is quoted as anwerering: “Why not ? We can do it ourselves!” (Of course American junk food is all over China as well as Vietnam. Remember the Vietnam War ? )


    Daniel Ortega, has hijacked democracy Nicaraguans because if people protest sends his mobs to attack them. Today Ortega, believes that Nicaragua is a farm of his own, because if national citizens protest sens a silent and if they are foreigners who claim they own something that sends them to deported.

    To make the canal should consult with foreign scientists to prevent the “government” Ortega and Murillo, commit environmental disasters. The canal should be done under a new honest and transparent government. The canal in Nicaragua alone would come to make millionaires and today unconstitutional dictator Daniel Ortega and his servile “officials” that money no longer patriots.

    Nicaragua is a country really suffered because of characters who are opportunists, hustlers and ignorant as is Daniel Ortega and his “servants” who are employees of Ortega and his partner Rosario Murillo, because Ortega, with his finger has chosen its “officials” who work for him and not for the people as mandated by the constitution.