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Nicaragua’s opposition, church decry fatal backpack bomb in Pantasma

Comandante Ruben

(posted Jan 26, 11:15 pm) —Nicaragua’s opposition Independent Liberal Party (PLI) today called on President Daniel Ortega to work towards finding a peaceful solution to growing political violence in the northern mountains of Jinotega after a weekend attack with a mysterious backpack bomb killed three alleged rearmed contras in the municipality of Pantasma. A communiqué from an alleged rearmed contra group known as the FDC-380 claims that six “guerrillas and an unknown number of civilians” were killed when a cellphone packed with C-4 was detonated remotely in a plot to kill rearmed contra leaders known as Comandates Aguila and Sereno. The communiqué blames the the Nicaraguan Army for planting the bomb. Nicaraguan media puts the death toll at three. The Army denies any involvement in the case and said the investigation is being handled by the police, according to La Prensa. Continue Reading →

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Nicaragua police release all 6 anti-canal leaders

Protest leader Octavio Ortega after being released today

(updated Dec 30, 1 pm)— Nicaraguan police has released all  six leaders of the campesino Land Defense Council after more than 150 hours of illegal detention, according to local media reports. The campesino leaders, local organizers of a group that has vowed to defend landowners from forced expropriations for the Chinese canal project, all showed signs of being beaten, according to witnesses. The anti-canal protesters were among the 47 campesinos who were beaten and grabbed during a violent Christmas Eve clash with riot police. Read more on this story here. Continue Reading →

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Feliz Navidad, from Rosario and Google Translate


The following is a special Christmas message from Nicaragua’s first lady, Rosario Murillo. Since it’s Christmas Eve and I can’t be bothered to translate her yuletide cheer, I let Google Translate do the job for me, like a dutiful elf. From Rosario:

“Today reborn Jesus Christ in our hearts, now reborn commitment to get better Christians, now reborn commitment to lead with humility. “We will ask God that good heart that we Nicaraguans have become increasingly large, because of good heart and good deeds arise arises the commitment of the Common Good. “Good Heart is love big, and we want to live, love big, peace big, big country, big dreams, big prosperity for all.” Continue Reading →

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Residents, tourists fail to save beached whale

Beached whale on Popoyo

(Posted Nov 15, 12:00) — Residents and tourists working together were unable to save a beached blue whale on Popoyo Beach, which was discovered on Friday morning. Video by Xiomara Diaz. The female whale was an estimated 18 meters long. Dozens of Nicaraguans and foreigners worked throughout the day, evening and into this morning trying to save the whale, but they were unable to push it back to deeper water. Continue Reading →

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Nicaragua on alert as tsunami danger passes


(posted Oct 14, 6:15 am)— Nicaraguan emergency-response workers have activated contingency plans to evaluate damage and assess continued risk to lives and properties along the Pacific coast following a strong 7.3-magnitude earthquake and 17 aftershocks over the past 12 hours. Public school classes have been suspended for the day and authorities are calling for calm after a shaky evening. So far there are no serious injuries or deaths reported. There are reports are minor damages to a dozen homes in the affected area. The first quake occurred 67 Km off the coast of Chinandega, at a depth of 22 KM. Continue Reading →

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BREAKING: Normal seas reported following 7.3-quake

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.09.05 AM

(updated 11:50 a.m.) —Nicaragua has been placed on “yellow alert” for a tsunami on the Pacific coast following a 7.4-magnitude earthquake at 9:50 p.m. off the coast of Chinandega. First Lady Rosario Murillo said that the government has activated its system of disaster prevention, but so far there are no reports of “abnormal waves” or high seas on the Pacific coast. As a preventive measure, school has been canceled all along the Pacific coast for Tuesday. Murillo said the government is investigating reports of damaged homes in León. There are still no reports of injuries or deaths in Nicaragua. Continue Reading →

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Mysterious explosion caused by meteorite?

apparent area of impact

(posted Sept 7, 2:46 pm) —The mysterious explosion that occurred last night around 11 p.m. could have been caused by a small meteorite, according to preliminary findings reported this afternoon by government media. The meteorite is thought to have broken off from the asteroid 2014 RC, which passed the planet last night. A team of Nicaraguan scientists are working with the government to determine if any remains of the meteorite can be found near the apparent area of impact, located on KM 9.5 of the Carretera Norte, in a field about 300 meters from the Camino Real Hotel. Continue Reading →

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Mysterious explosion rocks Managua

Twitter pic from scene immediately after explosion

(posted Sept 7, 7:30 am)— A strong and mysterious explosion outside the Nicaraguan Air Force base late Saturday night startled residents of Managua and exposed the failure of the government’s command-and-control media model to deliver timely and reliable information. The explosion occurred around 11 p.m., on KM 9.5 of the Carretera Norte, just outside the Air Force Base located at Sandino International Airport, in a field about 300 meters from the Camino Real Hotel. There are no immediate reports of injuries, deaths or damage. There are also no immediate reports of anything, as everyone looks at each other blinking for answers. Though the explosion was big — it was heard for miles and sent people running into the streets — Nicaraguan officials have not offered any answers as to what happened. Continue Reading →

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2 ‘contra’ groups take credit for attack in San Pedro del Norte

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.05.44 PM

At least two different groups of alleged rearmed contras are claiming credit for a fatal firefight with Nicaraguan security forces Saturday the rural area of San Pedro del Norte, in the municipality of Bocana de Paiwas, in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS). The first is shadowy self-professed contra group known as “CGN- 380,” which claims the attack was led by guerrilla leaders using the code names Noe, Enmanuel, Huracan, Moreno and Karate. According to a communiqué, the CGN-380 claim they killed five Nicaraguan soldiers and cops and injured eight more during a commando raid that lasted more than an hour. The group claims that three contra fighters were injured in the gun battle, which occurred in the small hours of Saturday morning. The CGN-380 claims the attack was part of a “patriotic struggle and resistance against the narco-dictatorship of Ortega-Murillo,” as well as against the “military presence of Cuba, Russia and China in Nicaragua,” according to its communique. Continue Reading →

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