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Watch Nicaraguan student challenge Sandinista canal rep in Spain

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Nicaraguan canal spokesman Telemaco Talavera seems to have inadvertently admitted that the Sandinista government doesn’t know the exact route of a $50 billion canal that will bisect Nicaragua. During a confrontation with a Nicaraguan student studying abroad in Madrid, Talavera refuted her claim that 60,000 campesinos will be affected by the canal, saying “That means someone has the route more clearly defined than we do.” Nicaraguan university student Alejandra Espinoza today challenged Talavera about the “enormous concerns” in Nicaragua over unanswered questions about the “social, political, economic and environmental affects” of the $50 billion Chinese canal planned in Nicaragua. In doing so, she presented Talavera with a bundle of papers that she said contained “more than 60,000 signatures of people who will be affected” by the canal. The stack of papers also included copies of the 32 constitutional challenges filed on behalf of 182 Nicaraguans opposed to the canal project. Continue Reading →

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A Sandinista, a Liberal, and a businessman walk into a club…

Francisco Aguirre (L), Jose Adan Aguerri and Gen. Alvaro Baltodano participated in a panel discussion on Nicaragua's Economic and Political Outlook last week in Washington, D.C.

A Sandinista, a Liberal and a businessman walk into a club in Washington, D.C…

Ten years ago, that would have been the opening line to a bad joke. Today, it’s the lede to a news article—and a reminder of how much Nicaragua has evolved in a short time. Since the 1980s, Nicaragua has gone from being a complete economic basket case to becoming Central America’s fastest-growing economy after Panama. And no one is more surprised by that progress than Nicaragua itself. “In 2006, when I talked to other leaders of the business sector, no one at that moment expected that we would be where we are today; no one thought that the private sector would have the role we do today,” said José Adan Aguerri, president of COSEP, the Nicaragua’s association of business chambers. Continue Reading →

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Ortega calls for return to constitutional order…in Thailand

The military seized power of Thailand on May 22

(posted June 8, 8:40 am)— The more Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega thinks about the recent coup d’état in Thailand, the more he doesn’t like it. On Saturday, the Ortega government released a rare press release condemning the Thai military coup and called for a return to a peaceful constitutional monarchy in the Southeast Asian country. “The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of the Republic of Nicaragua, with its unwavering policy in respect of legitimately constituted governments and institutions, joins the international community in rejecting and condemning the actions that have led Thailand to a situation of unequivocal instability,” the Sandinista government said. The Ortega government ends its short statement with a “fervent call” for Thailand to restitute all constitutional guarantees and allow “dialogue and negotiation to prevail as the only possible way to find solutions and return this sister nation to normality and peace.”

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Nicaraguan students sent home from Venezuela


(posted May 19, 6:30 am) — The ongoing political, economic and social crisis in Venezuela is starting to reverberate in Nicaragua. With no explanation and a level of extreme hermetic silence that characterizes the Sandinista government, 120 Nicaraguan medical students who had been studying in Venezuela on an ALBA scholarship abruptly returned to Managua yesterday without completing their degrees. Government officials and leaders of the Sandinista Youth, which managed the ALBA scholarship program, have offered no explanation for the students’ hasty return; students arriving yesterday at the Augusto C. Sandino airport declined to comment, according to La Prensa. The Nicaraguan daily reported over the weekend that Sandinista political operator Gustavo Porras allegedly told the students’ parents in a private meeting last week that a decision had been made to end the scholarship program in Venezuela and that the students would be sent home immediately. Porras allegedly promised parents that the students would be transferred into similar medical programs at Nicaragua’s National Autonomous University (UNAN) in León and Managua, though it’s not clear how that will happen. Continue Reading →

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Nicaraguan army touts national security

Gen. Julio Cesar Aviles

With nods to President Daniel Ortega’s political project and special “reverence” for the Russian government, Nicaragua’s top brass, Gen. Julio César Avilés, said national security provided by the armed forces is the “basis for maintaining peace and stability” and the key to “allowing Nicaragua to advance towards a better future.” Continue Reading →

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